October 28, 2011

Just WHO do I talk to about that?

I seem to recall at the beginning of 2011, I stated that THIS was going to be a great year.  I thought I'd blogged about it, but apparently not (which seems to be normal for me.  If I thought about it then surely I've blogged about it?  But it turns out that usually, I've just thought about it and never blogged about it).

But I do remember saying that.  That this year would be FAR better than last.

Well guess what?  It hasn't been.

This year has been full of stuff.  Icky stuff.  I'm sure there has been some good stuff - and if I thought about it hard enough I could think of it - but by and large, the majority of the stuff has been icky.

It's been far worse than 2010.  In 2010, my husband lost his job.  That was bad, and still is, but that was NOTHING compared to this year.

So far this year -

*  My husband STILL doesn't have a job
*  My dad had to have major surgery - and I couldn't be there for him
* My cousin was killed - and I couldn't be there for my aunt
* My son was injured in football
* My son has had more car accidents than anyone person should be allowed to have
* Another cousin died
* My co-worker's wife died unexpectedly
* I've been dealing with a friend and her divorce-that-will-never-come-to-fruition (which doesn't SOUND like a big deal, but they are close-enough-to-be-family friends - so yeah, it's been ugly for all of us)
* Other miscellaneous and random crap

and, as of tonight?

* My son has injured his OTHER knee in the last regular game of the season; on Senior night.  The night where Senior's and their parents are recognized.

As of now, we are hoping that it's no worse than the other injury.  But, the fact that he came home with even an even BIGGER brace AND crutches doesn't seem to bode well.  We will, hopefully, know more tomorrow.

Apparently, we are going to play-off's (how, I do not know.  We've only won 2 games this year) and now it appears, he is done.  No more playing this year.

I watched as they loaded him into the John Deere Gator-thingymabob to drive him back down to the field to watch the rest of the game.  He looked at me and started to cry.  He pulled his hoodie up so no one could see.

It broke my heart.  Seriously.

You have no idea.  It took everything in me not to start crying - BUT I did sob on the way home.  And I have  continued to cry sporadically ever since.

That boy has played his heart out this season.  He has worked so hard and come so far.  And it's NOT fair!

And don't tell me life isn't fair.  I KNOW it's not.  See the above list.  But come on already!  What did this kid ever do to deserve this much, this year?

So tell me - just WHO do I need to talk to about rectifying this?  Because dammit, NEXT year had better be a FANTABULOUS year or else....

If not for me - then at least for him.  Because he?  HE deserves it.


  1. Oh, no, not again! I'm so sorry. You could always say it has to get better, because it couldn't get worse... BUT IT TOTALLY COULD. We won't even go there.

  2. Oh Gigi, my heart breaks for him. Something has to go right for your boy who has done nothing but play his heart out in a sport he loves.

    And next year? Next year is gonna be so rockin' that you're going to wonder when it will end. Because it will be so great that you will think there is nowhere to go but down. It's going to get better, it HAS to get better. (And I haven't stopped praying for that job for hubby.)

    Hang in there, I'm in that corner with the bottle RIGHT NOW!

  3. ((hugs)) Sounds like your year has been as shitty as mine. 2011 can go shit rocks.

  4. Oh Gigi! I'm so sorry! Poor Man-child, and poor you. That sucks. It just sucks.

    I hope he's OK. I'm praying for you. Hang in there, girlfriend. You're right, it's NOT fair. But you've got a lot of us out in bloggy land pulling for you and cheering you on. Sending you a big ol' virtual hug!

  5. I am so sorry to hear of MC's newest injury. Hopefully it won't be as bad as it seems right now. I'm really hoping so, anyway. And I keep thinking things will get better with the economy and people will get jobs again, but it drags on and on.

    I wish I knew who to talk to. Perhaps a little quiet place and a word with the Universe? That's what I do, anyway. It helps me to get it out. Keeping you in my thoughts.

  6. That's it, I'm looking for whoever is responsible for this shit. Between MC and my Mo those poor kids have had more than enough. When I find the responsible party I'm gonna kick them in the shins, then run like hell, cause I'm kind of a sissy.
    Poor MC, poor Momma. Praying the knee is so minor that it doesn't slow him down.

  7. We have definitely had years like that . . .

  8. Oh no I'm sorry :(

    I hope 2012 is better for you all.

  9. I know the feeling, 2011 hasn't been great here either on the husband/work front, we are still in the same situation as you. What would we do if we weren't working? Hope your son is OK x

  10. When you lay it all out like that - it really was a shitty year, wasn't it?

    Here's hoping 2012 doesn't suck. I think everyone could use a little less bad luck.

  11. at this rate, 2012 can ONLY get better. Hang in there Gigi!!

  12. It's one thing for us to go through painful circumstances, but when it's our children, it's a whole new ballgame. Can't begin to imagine. Two games and going to the playoffs? Hmmm...maybe we have a chance of going to the playoffs too! We've only won one game this season.
    Look at this Gigi - you posted about all this stuff happening to you and you STILL gave me hope! We have two more games to try to make it to the playoffs! HUGS to you!

  13. Oh, your poor son. It kills me when the kids cry, esp. to see them crushed by something... I hope he looks back some day and pats himself on the back for working hard at something he loves. This too shall pass, but I wish it would HURRY UP. Life has been tough for us lately too- scary tough... I keep saying my prayers....

  14. Law of a Averages Gigi...next year HAS TO BE fantabulous, you know it. Chin up:)

  15. Oh...your poor son. And what a year for you. Hugs for you. And sending prayers for you and your family. You deserve an amazing year.

    And your son's story reminded me a little of a news story I watched last night on 60 minutes. Here's the link if your interested.


    Your son probably already knows this story.