November 28, 2011

My Black Friday Adventure

Since you've all asked.....yes.  I DID venture out on Black Friday.

But I did not witness the chaos and mayhem that has been documented in the news....pepper spraying, shootings, stepping over a man as he lay dying.

(Seriously? What IS the world coming to when people will ignore someone who is dying - just to get a deal?!  I'm sorry, no deal is worth ignoring someone who is in need of immediate medical assistance.  Get with the program, people.  If that was YOUR parent, spouse, child, friend - how would you feel knowing that people stepped over the person you loved just to find that $2 waffle maker?  And?  Just as an FYI - no one WANTS to receive that stupid waffle maker anyway; it just takes up precious cabinet space.)

*climbing down from soap box I'm sure none of you would do such a horrendous thing, so there is no sense in preaching to the choir, as it were.*

Anyway....yes, I ventured out.  But, it wasn't early.  I went out around 10:00 am.  Under the pretext of needing to check out a sale on a particular item. wasn't really a pretext because I did want to see if the particular item was what I thought it was.

So basically my Black Friday adventure started with me leaving the house and tweeting, "I'm free!!!" and driving to the store; walking into the store; discovering that the item I was looking for was, in fact, crap (as I'd suspected; so maybe it WAS a pretext after all?) and going back to my car.

Where I then spent another thirty minutes or so reading and responding to emails via my phone.  Some of which may have not made sense.  Because I was typing on the a hurry.  Because I was feeling that not being home, where my family and "guests" were waiting was rude

(I typed guests in quotes only because they ARE family - so technically, not "guests" but yet...they are...I'm sure you know what I mean).

And upon arriving home, discovering that no one had yet to get dressed.  It was the theme of the day, apparently.  One of us actually went up to bed having never removed the pajamas she had got up in that morning....(and it wasn't me; because I don't leave the house in my pajamas - unless I'm going to get the paper at the end of the drive) which pretty much tells you what kind of very slow and very long day was had at my house on Friday.

So to sum it all up.  My Black Friday adventure consisted of me, sitting in my car, checking email.

Don't you wish you could live the exciting life that I lead?


  1. :-)

    No, that's all right. I'll live my OWN life today. I didn't even venture into any store on Friday. And I didn't step over anybody, really! :-)

  2. Use to love Black Friday but no more. I'm just too old to fight the crowds!

  3. No thanks. I'm the stay at home in the pajamas and drink coffee until it's time to go to bed, kind. If I got out... I'd be the one people would be stepping over to get to the good deal!

  4. Glad to hear that there was no violence involved in YOUR Black Friday shopping adventure.

    They have started recognizing that day of madness up here in Canada the past couple of years...even without Thanksgiving on Thursday.

  5. I have to admit, I have no idea what Black Friday is ?????

  6. Someome died? Oh my goodness, sometimes it's good to be Canadian. We may miss out on the deals, but we also miss the pepper spray.

  7. You got peace to check your email????

  8. Your life is almost as exciting as mine but I could never not get dressed like your guest, thats awful!

  9. Ha!! I did venture out of my house at 6 in the morning.....IN MY PAJAMAS, to go get a camera lens that was on sale...Thank GOD I had the sense to ask to see the lens before I waited in line for wasnt the right I went back home and napped on the couch!

  10. I went out about 10:30am on Friday morning after calling Academy to see if they still had the item I wanted in the store. They had 8 left. I parked (close), walked in, went the opposite direction in the store than I needed to, checked out all the HOT DEALS, found what I wanted, had the store guys put it in my truck after standing in line for less than 5 minutes, and drove home.

    Staying up all night to shop? Not a chance. Glad you got to read email in some peace and quiet. :)

  11. I know...I couldn't believe the stories I heard about the mayhem and chaos of the Black Friday shopping. Although, when we were in Tampa I did see one nice story on the news. They were interviewing some guy who DIDN'T get the video game he had gotten up early and gone to the store to get for his son for Christmas.They asked him if he was upset and he was such a nice guy. He just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Hey...she got here first. That's how it works." Then the camera panned to the woman standing in line with two boxes of the video thingy. And then...the woman walked over to the man and handed him one of he boxes and said, "Merry Christmas!" and walked away.

    It was kind of a cool thing to see...especially after having just seen the stories of the rudeness and shoving and stepping over a dying man. There are some good people left in the world.

    I'm glad your shopping experience was mellow, even if it did just consist of checking email and carving out some time to yourself!