November 2, 2011

Reading between the lines (OR It would have been easier to just WRITE the darn post rather than trying to "cheat" my way through with pictures

If you don't follow me on Twitter, I don't blame you one iota.  Seriously.  I mean, honestly?  I wouldn't follow me!

I'm NEVER posting anything over there, unless I'm chasing down @lgalaviz (because she consistently leaves comments that NEED a response and that's the only way I can reach her) or Kathryn (because she defected from a Blackberry to Apple Country) or a host of other people.  And usually what I do tweet about is of no interest to anyone but me.

Unless, that is, you have the ability to read between the lines.....i.e., the following....

This particular tweet tells you that I had insomnia on Sunday night.  This tweet also tells you that I have NEVER experienced insomnia before.  It freaked me out on SO many levels.  In fact, it affected me in such a manner that I was actually AFRAID to go to bed Monday night; for fear that I wouldn't be able to sleep.  Me.  The one that pretty much falls asleep immediately and, woe to the one who wakes me up from my slumber.  Also, woe to the one who encounters me immediately upon waking.  I need a good hour or so and a few cups of coffee before I am fit to deal with the general population.  FYI, I ended up sleeping fine.  And hopefully, will never experience that again (you can hear Hubby in the background saying "Amen!"  Apparently, he claims, my insomnia also kept HIM up; although I do recall hearing him snore that night.....)

And then there was this one

This one CLEARLY explains that I was fighting Man-Child over the principle of "if you don't try then (OF COURSE) you won't win".  And that I'm a great mom, naturally.

The following tells you that we are both easily distracted....

And it was all because of this....

He got bored and started filling in the state abbreviations on this college solicitation brochure; which of course reminded me of 5th grade when he had to learn all the state capitals; which resulted in me asking him if he remembered them - which then led us into a game of me calling out the states and him trying to remember the capitals.  It was fun while it lasted.  And he did a pretty good job at recalling most of them; he may get into a good school after all.

This was CLEARLY a moment that had to be tweeted - for posterity.  There is no reading between the lines here.

After a couple hours of this obviously I had better things to do we needed a break.....

And this one is pretty obvious....

It pretty much tells you that if I don't sit down and write that post I was thinking of right then (or at least get it started) then it is GONE!  My brain is full of holes, I tell ya!  I lose lots of great posts every single day because of those darn holes.

This morning brought this tweet...

Which clearly says I must be demented that I am cherishing every moment I have with this boy before he leaves me for good heals and that I have completely lost it am enjoying babying him one last time

The poor lamb can't quite walk, much less drive, with this monstrosity on

Yeah, I KNOW the picture is blurry - but I have to SNEAK these pictures people!

And they said that this WAS the short brace!  Yikes.  Hate to see the long one!


  1. Our holey brains are twins cause i had really good comment, and then it was gone.

  2. Doubt yourself if ya want, but I think your tweeting skillz are mad.

    Working on my slang,


  3. I have never tweeted anything and wonder why anybody would? Now I know it's a demented activity. :-)

  4. My brain understands your brain, most of the time. Maybe not about the tweeting, but definitely about losing thoughts.

  5. I'm too long in the tooth to tweet my life away, but I wouldn't dare comment on the tweeting skills of a fellow (some might say better [only "might"]) blogger!

    However, I fully understand how a holey mind works ... I've dropped more than a few good ideas that way myself.

  6. I'm pretty impressed with your tweeting, because I NEVER remember to get on there. Ever. I think you rock!

  7. Gigi, theyre NEVER gone for good....they come me.

  8. That's the short brace? oh my..
    PS love this post, I feel all good and filled in on what's been going on now.
    PSS insomina sucks!

  9. I think your tweets are VERY interesting, and I swear, your family sounds like mine. We get distracted way to easily.

    And (although I haven't written in my blog for a year) I always think of things that would be AWESOME on my blog, but five seconds later, GONE.

  10. I didn't know you went into Twitter just for me. That is greatness. I understand why you don't go that often, it is really crowded in there. Also, everyone is talking really loud.

  11. No wonder you can't sleep with all of these college essays and state abbreviations cluttering up your brain. That stuff is bad news.

  12. Well I don't find your tweets boring at all. At least there is some variety there. Mine are all about what I ate.
    I'm just really super impressed that you know how to make your twitter tweet appear on your blog? How do you do that? This was a really cool post, and it further proved the point that I have no clue how technology works.

  13. Yup, I think you're right. Capturing all these screenshots and pasting them to your post and then retyping the could've just typed it all. But you get an A+ for the effort you put into this one.

    Oh, and can you please tell me how to capture the screenshot and repaste it into a post? I need to do it for my giveaway. Pleaseandthankyou.

  14. Oh, and I SO wish I could "like" DJan's comment. Bwhahahaha

  15. Shoot. I'm still trying to figure out how to shove in all those hashmarks in the tweets, and when, and why. At least if anyone follows you or me, we won't bother them too often.