November 24, 2011

A Thanksgiving post

It's Thanksgiving.  I suppose I should post something about thankfulness, etc.

But truly?  It's been a long day (or two - since surely you have to count the "prep" that goes into Thanksgiving....even if you aren't the cook).  So right about now, I'm merely thankful that it's almost over.

Yes, yes.  There is plenty I have to be thankful for (and I am); but right now, I'm just too tired to enumerate them.  Besides, the list would probably read like all the others you have already read - friends, family, etc.

My current thoughts are centered on Black Friday.....THE shopping day of the season.  Usually, I don't bother with it.  Mainly, because the crowds and noise irritate and because I know that as Christmas draws closer the deals will probably mount.  Besides, Cyber Monday is more my style lately (i.e., meaning that the older I get the less patience I have with the general public).

But with the prospect of having guests until Saturday, I'm figuring I may need to escape for a bit.  I find myself wondering just how bad it could possibly be early tomorrow morning?  Say 7:00-ish? (Because even I am not desperate enough to get up at 4:00 am! or earlier!)

What about you?  Are you going to be joining in the frenzy for the deals?  Or just to escape for a bit of "alone" time?

But seriously, I hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you know that I have counted each and every one of you as a blessing this year.


  1. We are venturing out for the first time EVER because the BIG gift for the boys is on sale at Academy. I won't be waking early though. I'm thinking it will be mid-afternoon before we even get over there.

  2. No going out there! I am hunkering down and waiting for the shopping frenzy to blow over!

  3. I hate shopping on a good day and I'll be darned if I want to go fight the crowds on Black Friday. I'm relieved to say I survived Thanksgiving, however, I don't intend to push my luck.

  4. You couldn't DRAG me out there on Black Friday. I would be afraid of being trampled by crazed shoppers. Happy to wait for a more sedate time...

  5. Oh, I'm burnt out on cooking too! Glad we'll have leftovers for days. :) I usually stay far away from black Friday shopping. Though I have stopped by a little later in the day and it's not so crazy. Hope you had fun getting out of the house. :)

  6. Re.

    You don't know what you did with our tea?

    It was dumped overboard by colonial upstarts, that's what!

    On the plus side though, I drink coffee!

  7. We went to Wal-Mart to buy a coffee grinder Wednesday night. My mother started pressing me for what she should buy my husband for Christmas. Wanting to know if I thought he would want a coffee grinder. We are already buying a coffee grinder mom! I don't think we need more than one.

    Plus, I don't even know what I am going to buy for him. Why would I start giving away this valuable information???

  8. Wait, what was I saying? This blog should be about you. Why am I going on about coffee grinders?

    I don't think I will go to Black Friday. I usually put off shopping until the last minute thinking that maybe Santa's elves will come through for me. They never do.

  9. What about coffee grinders? Maybe I could buy everyone coffee grinders. What do you think?

  10. I went at a respectable hour to shop. 10 AM. Didn't really find anything that great. has the best deals I've found.

  11. Go for it girlfriend! Get out of the house, you won't really get any time alone because everyone else will be out but still, the joy of throwing a few elbows on black friday just may make you happier when you get home!

  12. Okay, I know this is late Saturday night but HEY-ELL NO. I would not do black Friday sales. I saw on the news about the woman who PEPPER SPRAYED the crowd around her so she could get an xbox 360 - and she was actually able to check out & leave with it!!! For half price!!!

    I don't need that kind of crazy, kwim?

  13. Did you actually brave it? Black Friday is something I avoid like the plague. Hopefully we will get all of our shopping done online.

  14. Since I'm only just getting here on Cyber-Monday, I'm extrememly curious as to whether you ventured out or not. How was it?

    I have never done the Black Friday shopping thing. I have to agree with Ms. A!

    Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!