July 2, 2012

Day ONE.

What can I say about this week?

It's been hell?  Yeah, that might be an accurate description.  And we are only ONE day in.  AND I only have ONE more day until I'm off until next Tuesday.  I don't think I'm gonna make it.

Last Friday was the last day for my very favoritest boss ever!  

So that meant today we jumped right into life without her.  (Let's all have a quiet moment as we mourn her abandonment freedom)

The Big Dog (aka The Big Boss, aka whatever else he's been called in past posts) is taking over her duties until her replacement is hired.

(Which, between you and me, has already been done.  SSSHHHH!  Apparently, it's a secret.  We, the peons, aren't supposed to know yet.  He starts in two weeks and, according to a Google search that may or may not have been carried out - has a penchant for Metallica - interesting, wouldn't you say?  Especially for a lawyer that deals with the "business" side of things?)

The Big Dog's (aka The Big Boss, etc....) job usually entails monitoring the other lawyers and their cases.  He's good at what he does and for the most part he doesn't have to dive right in and get his hands dirty with the day-to-day details of lawyering.

Until today.  Well, to be accurate, until early Friday afternoon; as that's when she decided she was done and left early.  Because seriously?  What were they gonna do?

She left without much ceremony.  Although this tight, little group MAY have gathered for a moment.  There MAY have been a few tears shed and there MAY have been a few more after she walked out the door.  And we MAY have a picture to commemorate the moment...maybe.  That's all you will hear from me on that subject.

But today?  Today was when the emails and the requests started flowing to.....well, to ME!

Technically, they were supposed to flow to HIM; The Big Dog (aka The Big Boss, etc....).  But after all these years together people naturally put her and I together.  Kinda like Brangelina and TomKat (which I guess we can no longer call TomKat....since they are divorcing and all - and as an aside, REALLY?  Are ANY of us surprised?!).

I actually received a call today from someone saying, "So....I need some free legal advice....."

Ummm?!  I'm NOT an attorney!

And that's pretty much how it went from there.  Me getting emails and messages saying "HELP!"  And me taking said emails and messages to the Big Dog (aka The Big Boss; etc.) and saying "HELP!"

After about the hundredth time I went in saying "Big Dog?", I thought he was going to throw me out of his office.  Seriously.

Although our side of the legal department isn't the "high profile" side - our side is pretty busy nonetheless.  I think someone may have a whole new appreciation for that right about now.

And as for the "new" guy that no one knows about?  Well, I hope he's ready to dive right in.

And as for my favoritest boss ever?  I'm kinda irritated that she left all this behind.  And?  I already miss her like crazy.....

Especially since I can't just yell my questions into her office right across the hall.  No.  Now, I HAVE to get up and trot down the hall.  *sigh* I need some roller skates.

And please forgive me for the random, white highlighting.  I don't know what in the hell Blogger has done now.


  1. One more day, one more day, one more day. *deep breath* One more day. I think tomorrow would be the perfect time to ask Big Dog for a raise.

  2. I noticed a couple posts I made had random white highlighting. I know html so I was able to go in and remove it. Nice to know it wasn't just me who got hit. I am so sorry that she left, for your sake Gigi. This sucks but I hope it will get better soon...

  3. HOW RANDOM! My blog did that earlier today too... with the random white highlight thing. What a stupid bug. Just a few more hours of work (as in tomorrow) then VACAY! YAY. Just make it through each moment one at a time. You can do it!

  4. Enjoy your time off, sounds like you might be needing it.

    One of the other blogs I follow has this same problem... and uses this same background. Wonder if there's a connection?

  5. Grit your teeth for your last day then just flop for a week!

    All will be well ... for a week anyway!

    Blogger did that weird white highlighting to me too once. It took about twenty attempts at marking my text and removing ALL formatting before it cleared.

    Twas a mystery but it was eventually resolved.

  6. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping that the "new guy" will be fun (Metallica?) and just as wonderful as the favoritist boss ever! Good luck and enjoy your break this week!

  7. Losing a boss, a good one, is actually rather traumatic...

    Days off on the horizon... :-)


  8. Work sure does sound like fun! Thank goodness I am self employed and work from home!

  9. I think a boss that has a penchant for Metallica would be fabulous, as I too, have a penchant for Metallica....
    Maybe you will like this guy as much as your last boss??

  10. You're already on vacation now so I hope you're feeling better!

    And I hope your new boss is at least half as good as your old one who abandoned.. err.. I mean.. retired. :)

  11. Oh my goodness G....the week sounds like an utter nightmare - I hope things improve for you. But for today - Happy 4th July - hope you and your lovely family enjoy the celebrations! xx

  12. Can't wait to read the posts about the new office addition coming soon. You better be careful because just as sure as you Googled him, they may Google you. Don't leave your blog open and walk away from your desk. Now THAT would be funny!