May 2, 2013

FYI....Monday is now "Pajama Day"'re welcome ('s hoping I hit the lottery so I don't have to go to work in my pajamas...)

Since I have been on a "dead-serious, do not buy it unless you absolutely, no doubt about it, NEED it" kind of budget for about the last three years; I'm beginning to feel just a little frumpy over here.

This coupled with the nasty, cold, rainy weather (which TOTALLY wreaks havoc on my hair and, as we ALL know, if my hair is giving me fits, then it's all downhill from there) we've been having has me seriously reevaluating my closet.

As I've mentioned previously, I've been slowly weeding out my closet.  Well, apparently, that isn't good enough.  After today, it has been determined that I need to go in there and be RUTHLESS!


Because today found me at work with crazy hair, ill-fitting pants, a bra that kept riding up in the back, a shirt that irritated me beyond belief and a pair of shoes which, while still cute, are quickly losing the right to be in my closet; mainly because for some reason they make me walk funny.  Don't ask me to explain - I can't.  They just do - which explains why they were buried in the back of my closet in the first place.

Why was I wearing such a horrible, self-esteem destroying, soul-sucking outfit in the first place?  Because I was trying something different, i.e "shopping my closet" to try to mix things up.  Which reminded me why I never wear the majority of what's in that closet in the first place.

So here is my* plan for the upcoming weekend - to go through that closet and get rid of every darn thing that doesn't fit right, I despise, that is over a year old and hasn't been worn, or has even given me a hint of attitude, etc. and get rid of it.

Which means that come Monday morning I REALLY won't have anything to wear.  But so be it.  It's time to break out of the rut, even if I have to declare Monday as "Pajama Day" - for which the majority of the company will applaud; while HR hastily scribbles out a company-wide memo about "proper work attire."

*sigh* Some days, I just can't win.

*Since I've actually formulated a plan, wrote it down and shared it for all the world to see this definitely means that something else will come along and ruin that plan.

And?  Mother Nature?  Cut us some slack already.  It's been nothing but solid rain for the last FIVE AND A HALF days.  Sure, the weatherman promises sun tomorrow....but he's also promising more rain for the weekend and into next week.  Really, Mother Nature?  What did I ever do to you?


  1. Um, is it because WE are having YOUR weather? It's stunningly beautiful here for a change, instead of months of rain. Yes, months! It has been almost seven months since we last saw 70 degrees... and that is coming tomorrow, if we're lucky and you don't take it all back! :-)

  2. My immediate area got 7 inches and hail on Saturday night and if it makes you feel any better... I never have a good hair day.

  3. Haha - I was ruthless a while ago and still have no clothes. If you fly over here for Monday you can have a PJ day because we have a bank holiday ie day off so no work!!


  4. Poor Gigi.

    We FINALLY got some rain this morning....we desperately NEED it, our fire season has started early, and it burnt my favorite campground....where was this dang rain on Friday??

    I need to be ruthless and go through my closet too.....I hold on to things, so I can PRETEND that I have alot of options, when in reality, its the same things over and over again.