May 17, 2013

The husband, intersections, how to unfollow blogs and some pretty....just because we all need a little pretty

The husband:  He's annoying the hell out of me.  Why?  Because he's breathing.  Why is this worthy of announcement?  Because I'm not PMSing; as far as I know.

But really?  Does he have to breathe so often?  Or so loud?  Ugh.

Intersections:  There was an article in the local paper this morning about our "most dangerous intersections" and what the plan is for making them less dangerous.  (As a side note:  apparently, we have 450 intersections with traffic lights - somehow I would have thought there were more.  But then, I'm probably factoring in the outlying areas.)

At any rate, their "plan" for some of these intersections includes using flashing yellow arrows for turn lanes rather than the standard green (or as they are better known "it's your turn to go now, idiot") arrows.  Naturally, I am against this.

Particularly when you take into account that these people are used to waiting for the green arrow.  I, myself, narrowly escaped disaster when they changed the system - sans announcement - at one intersection I frequent quite often.

No, I think the better option would be for the DOT to find a way to get people to actually pay attention while they are driving.  And, while they are at it, get rid of all these damn concrete medians they've put up all over the city.  The ones that force you to go out of your way to get where you are going.

If anything, they need to put up GIGANTIC signs on the lights that say, "Hey, moron! This is a turn ONLY lane" to keep them from trying to move over into the going straight lane at the last minute, while NOT using their turn signal...but I digress...

Unfollowing:  Ever since Google got rid of Google Friends, or whatever it was called, I have been trying to figure out how to unfollow some blogs.  I don't generally follow any blogs unless I'm sure it's one that I want popping up on my dashboard but, occasionally, a few slip in or the blogger just stops blogging for no apparent reason - note to self:  if you ever decide to stop blogging, TELL people - and you feel the need to "spring clean."  With Friends being gone (although, from my research, the widget seems to be alive and well), I couldn't easily unfollow.

As any of you who have been around for a while can imagine; this drove me insane.

But I've finally figured it out (after spending hours of looking).  According to one website, there is a way to do so via the widget - don't ask me about the website, I couldn't find it again if my life depended on it.

BUT, if you happen to have a Google+ account, which I do (why?  I have no idea; I never use it) you can go to your Account settings; scroll down and find the Friend Connect area and stop following from there.

The pretty:  Because after listening to all this random, ranting you (and I) deserve something pretty to round it all out.

Pretty - right?  AND they smell like heaven, I assume.


  1. Sometimes when Chris breathes and/or chews I could spit nails. Seriously dude, who snores when they are AWAKE?!

    I hate the concrete medians. I assume the point is to stop head on accidents with the other lane, but still.

  2. Clearly I need to go to sleep. I can't follow your un-following instructions. Which is why I put the ones I regularly read in the side bar and then pop on the blog list once a week for my new-bees. If I decide that I really like them, I move them over. That way if someone I LOVED stopped blogging (hello My Own Brand Of Crazy, are you still out there?), then suddenly starts back up, I don't miss it.

    Of course there is a time delay with the side bar. Makes me crazy.

  3. Gosh, if your hubby only bothers you when he breathes, I'd say you're pretty lucky!

    About unfollowing... I can unfollow with the widget, but haven't been able to figure out how to unfollow on the ones that don't have one, since the dam* "Manage" button stopped working in mid 2011. Sure would be easier if things worked like they were meant to! I don't have Google+.

  4. The breathing I could cope with but if he snoredthen aaargh.

    I can't unfollow and I'm still unsure how best to read blogs at the mo.can't I just ignore instead

  5. The breathing I could cope with but if he snoredthen aaargh.

    I can't unfollow and I'm still unsure how best to read blogs at the mo.can't I just ignore instead

  6. I have used Reader my whole blogging life, and when they decided to stop it, I went over to "The Old Reader" and it gives me the opportunity to stop following in a pretty straightforward way. I have Google + but rarely use it at all.