May 8, 2013

This pretty much sums it up perfectly.....

As I mentioned, in passing, SIX days ago - it has been raining.  And seemingly hasn't stopped.

As you can imagine, if you've been hanging around here for any length of time, this has put me in a mood.  To say the least.  And we won't even discuss the state of my hair.

The weatherman is promising that the next two days will be sunny and gorgeous (at this point, I'm not sure that he can be trusted); followed by *sigh* more rain.

Luckily, my boy is coming home tomorrow for the summer!  If that can't rouse a smile out of this grumpy, old cuss then nothing will.  Can you believe he's finished his first year of college?  Yeah, me either.  He promised he will be packed and ready to go when I get there - but we shall see.

It's apparent that the upcoming weekend will find me frizzy-haired and knee-deep in stinky, boy laundry.

Send help.  And wine.  Oh, and an ark.


  1. Um, what was the conclusion about the missing credits? Is he out of the woods and getting ready to join you in building an ark? :-)

  2. We have had gorgeous weather for the last 10 days. Rain comes in tonight. Just hoping that it holds off for our road race on Sunday morning.

    I'd send you wine, but it'd likely get watered down by the time it gets to you.

  3. I'm curious about the credits, too.

    Stay dry!

  4. There is a storm heading our way too so if the last few days was summer I'm going to scream. Wine will be needed by all if I have to spend the weekend in the house with bored kids!!


  5. Make sure to tell him to keep his room and bathroom clean ALL.SUMMER.LONG.

  6. The year flew by!! We've been getting lots of rain too I contemplated cutting my hair shorter, then remembered what the humidity will do to it this summer... better off long so I can pull it up!

  7. it's been nice here the last week or so. you could, i dunno...come to michigan. i have wine. just a thought.