September 28, 2013

If you need me, I'll be living in a van down by the river.

As you know, we may have sold the house, in a shockingly quick manner.  We are still waiting for the appraiser to come back with the appraisal; we still need the inspector to come and inspect and our closing date, if it happens, will be on October 31st.

And at this point?  At this point, I'm actually hoping the appraiser will come back with a ridiculously low appraisal so that we can tell the buyers that there is no way in hell we will lower the sale price to that amount.

Why?  Because I have been scouting around.  I know we are planning to rent before we jump into buying anything else - but you still have to know what's out there.  And what's out there?  Nothing.

Well, that's not entirely accurate...there is plenty out there that I liked but could never, ever in a million years afford - unless I hit the lottery.  And what we could afford - well, let's just say I was horrified and leave it at that.

Hubby continues to laugh at what he thinks is my dramatic moaning - but that's only because he hasn't been out there looking.

So then I turned my eye towards rentals - figuring I can worry about buying a house later.  That didn't go much better.  I kid you not, one house that was a two bedroom, one bath, teeny-tiny house in a semi-sketchy neighborhood was asking more for rent than we are currently paying on our mortgage!

Which is when I had my revelation and, of course, I tweeted it to the world...

Apparently, at this point, this is the only feasible choice.


  1. Oh, an extended camping trip! Just kidding, that would be awful. Something will come up. Are apartments out of the question?

  2. I can totally empathise after paying rent for two years, it's ridiculous and where we live there is little if any choice.
    Good luck with your hunting, and the sale. A very stressful time for you.
    Big hugs xx

  3. I sympathize with all the stress you are going through. I keep telling my boys they could be buying a house with the amount of rent they are paying. (they just couldn't buy it in the location they are currently in, which is where they want to be)

    So, are you going to have to buy a van, before you can live in it by the river? Just kidding!

  4. There is no shame in living in a mobile... :)

    What about a condo?

  5. One thing about living in a college town, there are plenty of rentals around. They might not be perfect, but they are out there. I do hope you find some place soon!!! Let Hubby do the looking, Gigi. It might change his tune. :-)

  6. Yeah, it's the same here Gigi.

    I 3 bedroom split level house rents for a couple hundred a month more than what we pay in mortage. House prices (and rentals) have gone through the roof here on the island. Houses keep selling, though. I suppose because of the economic upturn.

    Hopte that your situation improve (and you guys are not living with a motivational speaker in a van...)

  7. Sending you the biggest good house hunting vibes!

  8. Try to enjoy the life in all the situations.Good luck for your house hunting.

  9. Considering we just sold our RV and miss it terribly and lately have been so annoyed (as you know from my last post!) with the everyday grind...a van by the river actually sounds lovely! ;)

  10. Gigi! Where are you and how are you doing????