November 2, 2013

As a mom; when he says "You should come up..." you really don't have a choice, now do you?

I received the following text message from Man-Child the other day....

An obvious reference to the last time he invited me up for a visit

Which, of course, meant that my plans for today were solidified.

Despite the fact that it would mean not following my own edict that I would pack every weekend between two weekends ago until it was time to move.  (Truth be told, I haven't packed a damn thing since then. Sshhh, it's our secret!)  AND despite the fact that he's been home three out the four weekends in October.  Only, I can't actually verify that - since while he was home I didn't get to spend any quality time with him as his friends and his father monopolized him.

So, of course, when you receive that text you go.

Did we find a corn maze?  To my utter disappointment, no.  We did not.  I have been trying for years to get him to agree to go and he (and his father) have fought me tooth and nail (what they have against corn mazes, I don't know!).  Until this year, when finally Man-Child caved.  And then life got too busy to actually find one until it was too late - I sense that someone had planned for it to happen this way....

Instead we had a nice lunch, did a bit of shopping, caught a movie and one of us got a haircut.

We decided to see Last Vegas.  It was a fun movie.  Although, we were the youngest people in the theater...but that may have been because it was "Game Day" at the college; so I'm assuming everyone else was at the game.  Anything that combines, Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline and Morgan Freeman has to be good; right?  And it was - we both laughed out loud at several scenes.  Although, to be honest, as a mom watching with her son (despite the fact that he is "technically" an adult) there were a few scenes that made me squirm knowing that he was sitting right there!

Prior to the movie, MC was ruminating on getting a haircut and trimming his beard.  I, of course, was enthusiastic about the idea since he was sporting a Wolverine kind of 'do....

This picture does not even BEGIN to show you how crazy his hair/beard has become!

Now, I am the first to say, I don't mind facial hair...look at Hubby up there; he is sporting some facial hair but Man-Child's?  It was OUT OF CONTROL.  So the fact that he was willing to part with some of it?  I was SO jumping on that band wagon.

So when he suggested getting his haircut prior to my leaving, I was all over it.  We went to the closest place - which, to be honest, had me (and MC) a bit nervous since the girl doing the cutting had only been in "the business" for about six months and, as she confessed before going to town on the out of control beard, had never trimmed a beard before.  But obviously, she had aced her cosmetology classes as we were both extremely satisfied with the results...

Knowing my boy, his hair will never again be that neatly combed.

As for the packing?  Well...there's always NEXT weekend...right?  I mean, really, we aren't moving until December...and that is EONS away....


  1. I so hope when my boys are in college that I get texts like these. You have done an amazing job fostering your relationship with him. He respects you, wants to hang out with you, and wants your opinion. Can you write a parenting handbook pleaseandthankyou?

  2. My daughter is supposed to be packing, too... but she's at a concert. Go figure.

    Big improvement on the hair and beard. He was starting to look like a grizzly "Duck" person.

  3. Mine are as you know, too young to ship off to college... but I have been "renovating" their room... I have learned that I spend way too much stuff on crap they will just want to throw away in 6 months.

    As for the hair thing... Tony used to shave every two days or so. Now that we are married, it's once a week, Monday morning before he leaves for work. *sigh* He's got stubble again before I get to see it. I fear if he could grow an actual beard, he'd never shave again. It's be like Duck Dynasty over here.

  4. Oh, I laughed at this post. He looks like he should be trimming that beard daily! Does it grow as quickly as it looks like it would? What a fun time you had, with or without corn mazes. I confess I'm not sure I would want to go into one myself. :-)

  5. That is the sweetest text ever. The ones I get all say "send money." My children would never invite me to a corn maze unless it was in the middle of a mall or just outside the Wendy's drive-through.