November 25, 2013

A really quick update....(and another rant about AT&T - really; at this point I should just get another provider and another example - or two- of how I am losing my mind)

We aren't homeless any more.

We've found a super-cute one-level townhouse/cluster home (what the hell is the difference?!) to rent for a year.  YAY!

The downside?  NO closet space.

BUT, I can live with it for a year or so until we figure out what our next move is.

In the meantime? I've been busy packing, packing, packing boxes and moving, moving, moving boxes and we are nowhere NEAR being done.  The mover's come on Saturday to move the furniture and, if all goes according to plan, we hope to actually be living there this weekend - one full week ahead of the deadline!  But we shall see.

In the meantime, we have been attempting to change our addresses and move services; always fun.  And AT&T (my VERY favorite people in the WORLD [NOT]) has informed me that they can't POSSIBLY transfer our internet until December 4th.  Which means, of course, that we will be without access for at least four/five days.  Nice.

Funny.  All the OTHER providers didn't have a problem with switching our service on the days we requested.

At any rate, I will be without internet for four or five DAYS - it will be a miracle if I make it out alive.  Most likely, I might find myself camped out in an empty house with nothing but my laptop and router.

I made the customer service lady SWEAR to me that there wouldn't be any issues with the swap.  I think she lied.  Why?  Because with our last two moves there were MAJOR issues.  And I can tell you right now, if I am without internet for that long AND I have issues getting it to work?  Someone will be extremely unhappy.  And that person will most likely be my husband (and new neighbors) as I become increasingly agitated and shouty.

As further evidence that moving is stressful (and/or I'm completely losing my mind) I, apparently, locked us out of our online banking account.  I received a random text the other day - which, flipped me out completely.

Total scam

Which resulted in me trying to log on to our account to make sure that we hadn't been cleaned out - because how in the hell does SunTrust even HAVE my cell number?  And no matter how many times I typed in that user name and password the account failed to open.

So I talked to Hubby - who also couldn't access the account - and had him call the number, only to discover that it was a scam.  But then he, fueled by my hysteria, went to the bank where he informed them forcefully that NO, there was no way we locked ourselves out of the account and that they have been HACKED.

Until...he came home and we were attempting to update the password, to keep our account safe, when he heard me repeating what I was typing into the computer (because that is TOTALLY normal behavior) and informed me that I was putting in the wrong information...which I had been doing all along (which once again proves my point that we all have too many login names and passwords to keep up with...)


To further fuel the speculation that I am losing my mind, cue today.  I made my doctor's appointment (as promised here) and went to fulfill my promise.  Dreading it; but determined.

Only to be informed upon arrival that the appointment isn't until tomorrow.


When I sent Hubby a text about it he responded with this gem...

Between this; the "bank fraud;" and the move - I'm beginning to think that maybe he should.

And yeah - I shouldn't title blogs with "a really quick update" because apparently, I am rather ramble-y.  But that - and my insanity - is why you love me...right?

And, finally (yes, really) all that aside to say, I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  You are all counted among my blessings.  And if you don't hear from me for awhile, it's all AT&T's fault.


  1. Gigi, I NEVER click on things like that show up in my mail. It's almost always a scam. And I had almost the same experience with Comcast when we moved last year, from one apartment to another in the same complex. They couldn't do it when I needed, they said. But then they showed up earlier and did it anyway. I hope that happens to you. :-)

  2. First I laughed out loud at your husband's text - so funny. And second, yes I feel your pain MOVING this weekend?? OMG. And I remember moving into a place with minimal closets "but just for a year" which turned in to two so beware!! Glad you are not homeless. Good luck in the move. CHEERS baby!

  3. You found a place... YAY! Minimal closet space... oh, crap!

    You still have some packing and have to move in to found place... BOO!

    The bank thing... DOUBLE BOO!

    The password thing... totally understand!


    Chuckling at hubby's comment, sorry.

    Try to have a Happy Thanksgiving, in spite of it all!

  4. PS: You JUST showed up on my dashboard, yet I see a comment from DJan at 8:36am. This is really ticking me off!!!

  5. I have no idea what a cluster home is but yaaay to your new abode xxxxx how splendid, ypou'll be in for Christmas cxxxxx

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Gigi! It's almost over, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger. Can you see it? And since I'm late commenting, how was the dr appt?

  7. hee hee and this is why I adore you!
    Moving is a giant pain in the butt but the good news is you are almost there! So thrilled you found a place and thank goodness you didn't get locked out of your bank account, just umm mistyped your passwords. It happens to all us blonds :)

  8. Just coming by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I'm glad you aren't homeless but I'm so sorry for the stress!! Go relax and have some hot chocolate.