November 5, 2013

Confession time

Okay ladies (sorry guys, if you are reading - you might want to click away right now) - before we begin; go read this; I'll wait.  Yes, it's kinda long.  Yes, it will make you cry - but it will also make you laugh.  No matter what; it's worth it. I promise.

Back?  Good.  Now here's the truth.  I USED to be a good girl that followed the rules when it came to my health (here's the proof - just three short years ago).  Well, kinda.  Diet & exercise were always iffy (okay; since it IS confession time - NEVER my top priority) but when it came to scheduling my yearly pap smears and mammograms, I was ON it.

And then it all went haywire when the Center for Disease Control ("CDC") decided that women 40 years old only needed a mammogram every two years - despite the fact that the American Cancer Society has always - and still does - recommended that woman over the age of 40 have one EVERY year.  Once the CDC made that determination my insurance changed and I kinda got screwed - until my company stepped in and reimbursed me.

Then my "doctor" (technically she was a Physicians Assistant) up and decided to leave the practice, which left me high and dry.  The very thought of finding someone else to "take care of business" (i.e., the pap smear) was daunting.  So daunting, that despite asking for recommendations from my friends, I let it go.  And as for the mammogram?  Well, yeah.  That slid too.

Throw on the extended unemployment, my son's Senior year of high school, graduation and ultimately, his leaving for college...

Yeah. "Haywire" doesn't EVEN begin to describe the roller coaster that has been the last three years.  Needless to say, I haven't had a pap smear OR a mammogram since prior to 2010 - yes, I know.  I am appalled at myself.

I've already emailed myself a reminder to call tomorrow and schedule both.  Will you?


  1. Sorry, I just couldn't read anything that was going to make me anymore traumatized than I am already. After the year we've had with Michael and my own recent episode that is causing me panic attacks... I JUST CAN'T GO THERE.

  2. I am SO glad to hear this. Tap dancing happy. It's so easy to let it slip. I know. But a few minutes of squashing is worth the peace of mind that you are taking care of yourself. Be well, my friend. And thank you, again, for the kind words.

  3. I read it, the whole thing. It was wonderful to read, because it had a happy ending. And she's a good writer. Go do it. Now that I am officially OLD, I don't have to have pap smears any more, but I had one every year when I was young. And when your mother and sister both got breast cancer, it's not something you skip. I'm glad you are going to do it, and I look forward to hearing about it! Good for you, Gigi.

  4. I read the whole thing too. She is a fantastic writer. Really, really good. I turn 39 this month. I'm kind of in denial that in one year I am old enough to need yearly mammograms. Isn't that for old biddies? Surely you're not old enough either. Regardless, I'm glad you're getting checked.

  5. I too used to be the girl who was on top of my health, and in some delusional way, I still thought I was, but I found out differently very quickly. My daughter is pregnant and her OB/GYN is my guy too. I went with her last month to hear the little ones heart beat and I asked the nurse when they moved to their new office, she said four years ago. YIKES!!! I guess I better schedule some stuff.

  6. wow. Just wow, what a post that was. And yikes, I'm not sure when I last had a smear...

  7. OK, OK. I'll call. Are you happy now?