November 11, 2013

At least he tries...bless his heart. But seriously, that was helpful HOW?

My husband has had the past week (plus today) off.  And during a discussion of how panicked I am over the fact that we haven't yet found a place to live (we only have NINETEEN and a few odd days left, people!  I'm ALLOWED to freak out) he mentioned that he packed our photo albums today.

All five hundred - give or take...into boxes.

The albums that were ensconced in drawers.  Drawers, that when slid out of the chest could be used as boxes.

Dear God in Heaven! Has this man NEVER moved before?

I smiled and said, "Thank you."  After mentioning that the drawers could have been used as boxes to transport said albums.  What can I say?  I'm panicking.  At least I remembered to say, "thank you."

To his credit, he did make two phone calls today about possible living quarters.  The one responded that we could see the place on Saturday.  The other never responded (what the hell is up with that? Is she SO rolling in commissions that she can ignore requests?  Must be nice).  When he sent me an email telling me that we would be looking at the one place on Saturday, I responded with "My nerves can't take this.  We have NINETEEN days to find a place to live, pack this house and move."

After about 10 minutes he came back with, "Can you be there at 5:30 pm tomorrow?" and became my hero all over again.

UNTIL, during our above mentioned conversation, he said, "You know, I look back over this week off, and I really didn't get all that much done."

Yeah, ya think?

Apparently, it's time for me to start using some of that hoarded vacation time that usually gets used at Christmas to actually get some stuff done.

Yeah, yeah.  I've talked a good game about this being an "organized" move and how if I just did a little every weekend, it wouldn't be stressful.  Well, apparently, I LIED.  Because the past three weekends have been crammed with me driving up and down the mountain to ferry Man-Child back and forth (let's not EVEN begin to get into the fact that Hubby was SUPPOSED to return him yesterday - leaving me home to find a place to live and pack, which did NOT happen, obviously), way the hell out to Raleigh and God only knows where else.  And nothing has been packed - other than those damn photo albums; which, needless to say, didn't NEED to be packed.  AND we still don't know where we will be living.

Oh sure, I could be packing right now, instead of typing this - but who the hell can pack when they are panicked, frustrated, exhausted (this Monday KILLED me, people!  Seriously?  Why do Mondays have to be SO draining?) and irritated?  In the mood I'm in, I'd pack the the damn cat - if we had a one, that is.

*deep breath*gulp*deep breath*

It will all get done and be okay...right?

Of course it will.  As long as I'm the one in charge of making sure it all gets done; apparently.


  1. My daughter finished Sunday, around 4. She did everything that had to be packed and her hubby and his dad moved all the furniture. Thankfully she didn't twist her ankle until she was finished and stepping off the trailer!

    I don't envy you all this hassle, Gigi. I know it must be insanely stressful, especially since you don't know where you are going. Don't forget to breathe!

  2. Breathing deeply for you! I can't imagine being where you are now. I would be even more panicked. Oh wait. I am not helping am I? Sending you good thoughts!

  3. Oh man, this is definitely stressful. I can feel it leaping off the page at me. I'm going to back away before I get hit with it. Why aren't other people getting stressed out too? Or maybe Hubby is but is just not showing it? Something has to happen soon...

  4. Totally feel your pain, I would be totally up to full fat cross shouty shreikery by now. I am still low level stressed by our move and we are in now!!! Never again Gigi, never again xxx

  5. Oh Gigi, I know you're stressed but one day (probably once you are unpacked and settled) you will laugh that he packed the one item in the house that DIDN'T need to be packed. You can do this girl, I have faith in you. And if I were closer I'd come over and help in between reading chapters for school.

  6. Wait... do you NEED a cat? Because I can pack Mr. Chewey and send him to you. Honest, he's no trouble at all...

  7. Hope things are moving along! I have been MIA- lots going on... Put a bid in on a house yesterday, will keep you posted! xo