May 30, 2015

Aggravation...and distractedness...yes, that should be a word.

When I first decided to sit down and write this post, I had one main topic.  One agenda.

And then life happened, as it frequently does...

First of all, life here in Gigi's corner of the internet is pretty calm.  Everyone gets along.  No one is ugly or nasty.  It's a nice place to visit, I like to think.  But then I go wandering, as one does, along the many various trails that the internet has to offer...and I am, continually, amazed at some of the online behavior of others.  And then, I sound like my grandmother when I exclaim, "If you can't say anything nice....then say nothing at all!"

You know what?  That particular piece of advice still holds true.

Grandma knew what she was talking about.

Then, we received a phone call.  Apparently, my brother-in-law had a double bypass.  Keyword, had.  My sister-in-law obviously didn't see the need to inform ANY of the family until after the fact.  This is the kind of behavior I would expect from MY side of the family...not his.  I get the need to keep things quiet until you know what is what; but not telling anyone?  What about the love and support you need while going through this kind of thing?

THE house.  Oh. My. God.  This damn house is going to drive me insane.  And we haven't even bought it yet!

In the interest of trying to "be proactive," we went to look at carpet today.  Here's the deal...IF we actually close this deal, we will have a little over a week to get things done (scrape the upstairs ceilings, paint, re-carpet - or whatever, and actually move in) before we have to be out of this place.

If you know me...and, if you've been reading along for any length of time...then you know that these types of decisions take time!  But, you may also know, that cost-wise - as far as flooring goes - that it's better to do it when the house is empty.  So basically, I'm under the gun to make a decision.  And, all of a sudden, the Husband thinks he actually has an opinion about design.  When, in fact, in all of the years of our marriage, he really hasn't cared at long as it was well built.

And I am not happy about it.  AT ALL.

In a Hail Mary moment, I sent an email to the realtor asking if she could find out what was under the carpet (fingers crossed, original hardwood) and the paint on the stair (again, fingers crossed.  AND?  WTH?  WHY would you paint the treads of the stairs?  Hopeful, that they are also hardwood...but doubtful at this point).  As of now, we haven't heard back.

At one point today, the Husband actually uttered the words, "It wouldn't be this stressful building a house!  By the time it's all said and done, we are going to hate each other!"  To which I replied, "Didn't I tell you?"

One day...he may actually listen to me.

Because between you and me?  Building a house from scratch is FAR less stressful than going into a house you know nothing about.

And?  Shall we add on to this pile of aggravation and distraction?  Oh, why not?

There is work stuff going on.  Work stuff that I have committed myself to not talking about here.  But that is driving me absolutely, bat-shit, crazy.

Will it work out?  Yes, probably.  Will it make me insane in the interim?  Yes, probably.

So, let's leave it at this, shall we?  Currently, I'm insane.  Send me lots and lots of love and hugs and we will agree that it will be fine.

How's that for a plan?


  1. You have every reason to be certifiably insane, with all this going on. Crap! What more than I say that is to the point? Please God help get us through this rough patch. (please) :-)

  2. Lots of love and hugs coming your way!

  3. Yep, sending you cross pond love xxx hope it gets better soon