May 17, 2015

WHAT are we even doing???

D' may be prophetic.  Your comment on yesterday's post made me laugh.  Because, really?  What were the odds that I'd not only find the shoes I'd been searching for, at an unbelieveable steal AND a house all in one day?  Slim to none.

And I didn't.  BUT, as I was swanning off to a play with my friend (it was FABULOUS, by the way!  If you have an opportunity to see The Foreigner I would suggest that you immediately buy tickets.  And, we even arrived with time to spare.  Although, she did give me fits, what with wanting to stop at Sephora.  Stopping to get coffee.  Stopping to slowly read through all the brochures at the Cultural Center) I sent the Husband off to see a house.

He'd sent me the link on Friday.  And, surprisingly, I liked what I saw online.  Usually, he sends me the most hideous houses.  Houses that make me think, "What in the hell?  Has he been drinking at work?"  But this one?  This one looked promising.  Unfortunately, our realtor wasn't available until today.  A day when I wasn't available.  When I agreed to let the Husband go and have a peek, he actually had the audacity to say, "If I like it, do you want me to put in an offer?"  I asked him if he was insane.  There is NO WAY that I'd let him do that without me seeing it.

It wasn't perfect by any means.  But it was the best thing we've seen so far.

As we were sitting down in the theater, I went to shut off my phone and saw I had a text.  I checked it.  Man-Child sent me a note telling me that this house met most of our requirements and wondered if I could meet with the realtor at 6:00 pm to look at the house.  I responded with yes and then turned the phone off.

And for the next two hours was thoroughly entertained.  Really, if you have the chance, go see this play.  I was quite surprised at how dark it turned at one point, but it worked.  Generally though, we laughed out loud many, many times.

After the play, I headed home.  The guys told me the pros and cons; but generally seemed very positive about the house.  They tried to downplay the cons with assurances that what needs to be fixed was minor.  At this point I was not thinking that this was the house for us.

And then I went to see it.  No.  It's NOT perfect.  Yes, it does need some work.  But...for the most part this house will work.  So much so that we decided to make an offer.

Of course, the Husband's suspicions about houses being snapped up were affirmed...someone else has already made an offer.  We decided, on the spot, to make an offer just slightly above list price.  We've also decided that we will not be getting into a bidding war.  Yes, we like the house.  Yes, we like the neighborhood.  But no, we will not pay more for the house than it is worth.  Period.

If we get the house, great.  If we don't, I won't lose sleep over it.

So yeah.  Maybe I might not be lucky enough to find the shoes I've been searching for, at an unbelieveable steal AND a house all in one day.  But maybe, just maybe, I'm lucky enough to find all that in one weekend.

Cross your fingers that our search is over.


  1. Yes, fingers crossed for this to be The One. I can't wait to hear how it all turns out. :-)

  2. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed xxx