May 18, 2015

Oh Dear God. I might be hyperventilating...

Our offer was accepted.

This is a first, people.  In the history of our life together (nearly 25 years) we have actually agreed on a house.

Yes, in all that time, despite MULTIPLE moves, we have NEVER bought an actual, already built house together.  We have always ended up building.  But, GULP, we've gone and done it.

As I mentioned yesterday, this house is NOT perfect...but it seems right.  So, I'm going with our gut.  If the inspections show that everything is fine, it looks like we will once again be homeowners on June 22nd.

And despite the slight, panicky feeling that is currently residing in my stomach; I'm happy.

This house better live up to our expectations.  Because between you and me?  After this?  I don't want to EVER face the prospect of moving again.


Now...if any of you happen to be available on during the week of  June 22nd...let me know.  I'll happily provide the pizza and beer.


  1. Wow! No, double WOW! I am so so happy for you, and nothing is perfect. That makes it better yet. And can I offer my congratulations? Yes! (virtual fist bump inserted here)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hope it works out great! June will be a perfect time to get some college boys together to help with that move... and they all love pizza and beer!

  3. Fab fab news, all good vibes coming your way cross the pond xxxx

  4. Woo hoo! Now the real fun begins!

  5. Woo hoo! Now the real fun begins!

  6. Great! it will be good to buy a build house. Now a days it is very hard to build a house. One draw back in buying the build house is that we cannot make many more changes in them...