December 10, 2016

Finally! It's about time we started getting our act together for the holiday....

And by "we", I mainly mean "me."  Although The Husband has been pulling his weight and doing the things I demand ask nicely of him.

I took yesterday off in an attempt to get some things done - hopefully bypassing the shopping crowd that I expected today.  I failed; at least in bypassing the crowds.  Apparently, everyone else in town took the day off for the same purpose.  But, I persevered and got a lot accomplished.  And by "got a lot accomplished" I mean, "I spent a boat load of money."

But, in my defense, I will give the same argument I gave The Husband, it was all necessary and you should have seen how much money I actually saved.  As a defensive argument, I will admit it's weak but it's all I have at the moment.

This morning found me running a few errands and then headed home to hide from the crowds.  Since I hadn't followed my own advice of wrapping gifts as they were bought, I found myself in a marathon wrapping session.  One which brought to a screeching halt as I realized there were two wrapped gifts without half the gift packed inside.  Surprisingly, I was actually able to unwrap and re-wrap the gifts without too much effort.

Speaking of paper, this year, I feel victim to Pinterest and all the neutral decor and decided to wrap all my gifts with white kraft paper and let the ribbons add the color.  After wrapping a sea of white gifts, I decided that I needed a little more color under the tree and wrapped a few using Christmas paper.  Then The Husband wandered in and declared, to my surprise, that he liked the white gifts. Huh.  Who would have thought that he, of all people, would be on board with something new?

The wrapping was again brought to a halt because I ran out of boxes - but the majority was done.

On to the next project...making goodies for the office "thing" on Monday.  Generally, our floor is pretty sedate about Christmas.  A few will decorate tastefully.  And some will bring in a few treats.  There may be a departmental lunch here and there.  But for the most part, Christmas is ignored on our floor.

Until this year.  A co-worker decided that we needed to have a floor-wide Christmas thing.  And she dragged me into it.  So we decided to have a Christmas/Holiday Goody Day - similar to what other floors do every year.  Although, I have recently been aggravated with some of my co-workers, I begrudgingly agreed.  Which is why after the marathon wrapping session, I found myself in another marathon - of the kitchen kind.

I made a cheese spread, fudge (which I just realized I banished last year - let's see if it fails me this year, if it doesn't it stays in rotation), peanut butter fudge (which is divine - recipe here), and almond bark.  I fully meant to do the spritz cookies tonight but was completely worn out; so they may get done tomorrow - but hopefully early.

My plan is to take all the goodies to work tomorrow to store in the fridge so I don't have to carry everything in on Monday.

And then there's this - a post done.  Yes, it's been a very productive day.

Although I am no where near ready for Christmas, I'm that much closer to being done.  And?  We have a tree!  The Husband found the perfect one today.  Currently, it's sitting in half in our front hall and half in our living room.  It has lights and the angel and is otherwise bare but it's beautiful.

In addition to cookies, I've just added decorating the tree to tomorrow's ever growing To-Do List - it appears tomorrow may also prove just as productive.

How about you?  Are you ahead of the game or are you like me - just getting by?

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  1. You've had an incredibly productive day! And thanks for the blog post, that (to me) was the most important accomplishment, because here I am! :-)