December 14, 2016

That first real step into being an adult is on the doorstep...

Well, would you look at that?  SIX posts for the month of December so far...looks like I'm on a roll - let's see if we can keep the momentum up.

I have NEWS!

Man-Child had his first real, grown up interview last week (I think - this time of year really screws up my sense of time).  He said that it went very well and that they seemed shocked when he told them that it was his first interview.  The position he applied for was a high school Physical Education Teacher/Coach.  Basically, exactly what he wants to do.

Two days (I guess) after that, he finished up his student teaching with the elementary school kids.  During that last week, he brought home stacks upon stacks of notes from all the kids.  They told him how much they would miss him, some reminisced on their favorite moments with him, some wished him good luck and "congratuions".

It was all very touching and sweet.  I asked him if this was making him re-think his desire to teach mean, old high schoolers.  He replied, "A little."

In fact, The Husband's boss has children that go to that school and they told their dad that Mr. X had left and they were sad because Mr. X spent so much time with each kid and that Ms. M (their regular teacher) wasn't as nice (which I'm sure is not true because Man-Child loved working with her).

Fun fact - the elementary school that Man-Child was student teaching in is approximately two minutes from the house and we live in a very small community.  Being seen around town on the weekends by the elementary set with a "teacher" is entertaining.  It's like he is a rock star.  Some of them giggle and point.  Others are shy; peeking out around their parents legs.  And then there are those bold enough to run up and say hi and then remind him (so he tells me) in front of their friends at school that they saw him at such and such; in case he forgot.

Anyway...Fast forward to this week.  He got a call from the school he applied to - they wanted his references and needed his signature for a background check.  A teacher from the elementary school informed him that they only run background checks if they are serious.  The thought that this might really be a possibility amped him up - but he kept trying to temper it because, as we all know, the odds of getting a job - your dream job - on the first interview, at that; are slim to none.

This morning, bright and early, he received THE phone call.  He has the job!

When he called to tell me I could hear the utter shock and amazement in his voice.  He couldn't believe it.

Honestly, I could.  I've seen how hard this kid has worked.  I've seen the reports from some of his professors.  I've seen this kid in action around adults since he was tiny - that kid has known how to carry on an adult conversation practically since he learned to talk.  I've seen him interact with children young and older, and seen the patience and kindness that he has.  I know that this kid knows his stuff - he has made it a point to because he had a dream.

One that he has now achieved - all due to his hard work and dedication.

He starts in January.  Unfortunately, as he is one online credit shy of his diploma (which, let me tell you, came as a nasty surprise to us as we assumed he was done), they can't hire him on as a full time teacher just yet - but they are going to hire him as a long-term substitute until he gets the degree, which should happen in the spring (if it doesn't, then I'll have to kill him).  Then they told him they would bring him on full time with benefits.

This school is out of our county, which means he'll have a bit of a drive, and is a smaller school but I think it will be the perfect place for him to start out.  And I am so over the moon excited for him and so very proud.

This is it guys - he's taking his first, real step into adulthood.  *sniff*  That completely empty nest is suddenly looming.  Somebody hold me.


  1. This is so exciting! Congratulations to him!

  2. That is incredible news. And what a wonderful way to end a year filled with just about everything. Congratulations to him and to his parents who had a lot to do with it. :-)


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