June 8, 2018

Blogger woes and a new coffee maker

Over the last couple of days I noticed an odd thing...I wasn't receiving email on comment notifications.  Now granted, I don't get a LOT of them, but I do want to receive the ones I do get.

For as long as I can remember now, I NEVER get an email informing me of comments from ANY Yahoo email address.  Oh sure, the comment appears on the blog - but I'm never alerted to it.  But now, I'm not receiving ANY alerts....from any email address.

I, of course, took to Twitter to moan about this problem.  Some kind soul suggested that I go to my settings and remove the email, refresh and then add it back.  This did not work.

Then I visited DJan's blog only to discover that this problem is universal.  Another person commented that if you click the notify me box you will get notifications.  It's not ideal, but will do until Blogger fixes this issue...IF they fix it.  And if they do I hope they fix the Yahoo issue as well.  I'm crossing my fingers but not counting on it.  It seems to me that Blogger is the red-headed step-child of Google and doesn't get much attention.

In other news, my Keurig finally gave up the ghost for good last weekend.  I know that Maria loves her Nespresso machine and I did consider getting one because it sounds AMAZING - but I know myself.  I drink exactly ONE cup of black coffee at home every morning (I usually have another cup or two at work) during the week (on the weekend I usually make two, maybe three, cups).  So I couldn't justify the expense - particularly since I am the only person who drinks coffee in this house.  Yes, I live with weirdos.

But I didn't want to buy a regular, old-fashioned coffee maker because I knew either I would make a full pot that would go to waste (the math of figuring out how to just get two cups would make me crazy) or I'd end up drinking more coffee than I should and then have to live with the aftermath (the jitters).

So after a bit of online searching I discovered that Mr. Coffee has a single serve model that I thought would fit the bill.  My plan on Sunday, after determining for sure that the Keurig was well and truly dead - and sending The Husband out on an impromptu trip to McDonald's for a cup of coffee - was to head to Target to buy said Mr. Coffee.

The boys headed out for a "Boy's Breakfast" and I proceeded to get dressed.  And got waylaid by a phone call.  My friend two doors down wanted me to stop by and catch up; which of course I did.  Once I left her house I headed into town - luckily, something made me check my phone at a red light.  I had a text from The Husband - he bought me a coffee maker; the exact same one that I was headed out to buy.

Ahh, the joy of having a husband that occasionally actually listens to my ramblings!

Now that I've had this coffee maker for about a week or so here are my thoughts...the good and the bad.

The bad?  When it says it's a "single serve" model - they mean it.  You need to refill the reservoir EVERY time you want a fresh cup...this is only a minor inconvenience.

The good?  It works!  AND it utilizes the K-Cups that I have already stocked up on.  And even better...

Yes, an off-center picture.  After all this
time, what do you expect from me?  I am
NOT a photographer!

...the access to the top needle.  That was the problem with the Keurig...I couldn't access the top needle to clean it.  I am convinced that is why my Keurig died.  According to their website, there is a "tool" that you can use to clean it - but it's not offered for sale anywhere and they never responded to my (THREE) emails about where I could obtain one.  So for this reason, and this reason alone, I much prefer my Mr. Coffee.  Not to mention that this machine was only about $50 - to my mind, that means if it lives for over a year it has paid for itself.


  1. I just noticed the email thing today! But the "Notify me" box does well enough - thanks for the idea.

  2. I much prefer espresso from my coffee shop. Plain old coffee isn't strong enough for me. My sister's Keurig seems to be working well, even after many years of use. I use it when I visit her once a year. :-)

    1. I was so disappointed with my Keurig - it only made it two years. I really expected better from it.

  3. I was just complaining about not getting any emails about my comments to my husband. I will do the Notify Me trick and hope they fix it! I got one of those Mr. Coffee single serve makes to keep at the Cape so it's there when we go on vacation. I couldn't justify spending money on a real Keurig for 2 weeks out of the year and it works great!

  4. Yay for a new coffee machine!!!! Really, is there any appliance that is worth its weight in gold? (Well...maybe my hair dryer!) Anyway good for you (and I think Keurig needs to make some adjustments to their machines because I also had bad luck with TWO that I purchased within a three year period)(And they even sent me that needle cleaner which did nothing.)

  5. P.S. I am so glad you mentioned the problem with comment notification. Last Thursday I finally opened settings on Blogger because I didn't understand why I wasn't getting comments. I finally found them, published them, but still haven't figured out the email notification thing.

    1. The email notification is a Google/Blogger issue - hopefully they'll fix it soon.

  6. So I am a wierdo in your book? :) I don't drink coffee. Rarely drink pop because I dislike caffeine. The weirdo thing reminds me of a funny: tank programmed our landline's caller ID to identify our friend's phone number as 'wierdos'. Their 3 kids are bffs with my youngest 3. They call a lot. The phone announces calls from weirdos constantly. No idea how to switch it back. No hiding it from our friends, but they also know Tank.

  7. Maybe...I can't function without some caffeine. :-)