June 26, 2018

Caring IS Sharing - the Blogger Comment Fix

I have SO many draft posts languishing but rather than trying to put the effort to make them post-able I am here to shout the good news - there HAS been a fix to the recent email notification issue as it relates to comments.

This evening when I logged in, one of the first posts I read was from my friend, DJan, in which she shared the fix and that one of her blogging buddies had sent her a post with the fix.  I am in turn sharing the fix with you (the original fix is linked back on that last link).

Basically, go into Blogger Settings.  Chose the Email Option.  Delete your email.  Click Save.  Add your email back in; click save.  You should then receive an email from Blogger that looks like this; only with your information, of course.

Click subscribe and viola!  You should now begin to receive comments via email notification.

I had tried this method in the early days of the  "crisis" on the recommendation from someone on Twitter - minus the subscription email information.  It did not work - I never received the subscription email.

But when I tried it again tonight I DID receive the email and subscribed, so now here's where the rubber meets the road.  I am going to hit post and see what happens.

I am feeling confident that this is the fix.

UPDATE - it does!!


  1. ...and about an hour after posting, I thought, "Gee, dummy, add a comment to see if it works."

  2. Hahaha! So glad we've got our comments back, Gigi. All thanks to Elephant's Child from Down Under. See her at myjustsostory.blogspot.com -- she also posts wonderful pictures of kangaroos and tropical birds. :-)

  3. Figuring out how to get email notification of my comments back was on my list of things to do this week! Thank you for sharing this information! I hope I can get it to work now!