June 16, 2018

Breathing a sigh of relief...

The past few months around here have been nothing but stressful for many reasons.  But there has been one issue that has been hanging over our (ok, really Man-Child's) head that left us him in a state of suspended animation.

As you know, earlier this year he found a position with an elementary school about an hour from here.  He loved it.  It wasn't his "dream" job but he loved the kids and the people he worked with - despite the drive.

About two months ago, his principal informed him that it had been discovered that a math teacher at another school in the county didn't have certification for teaching math.  And that since this particular teacher DID have certification for teaching physical education AND tenure that they were required to offer him any interim physical education position within the county.

As, Man-Child had joined the county system mid-year, his position was considered "interim."  The principal was not happy about the situation - as was Man-Child.  We weren't too thrilled either.  Man-Child was told that it was a "wait and see" situation as to whether this other teacher would accept the position.

I have to tell you that The Husband and I were appalled.  Here they had a great teacher - one that loves the kids.  One that had followed the rules and received the necessary certifications, etc.  But yet, they had to offer the position to one who couldn't even bother to follow the rules?  And he had to have known the rules since he'd been in the system long enough to gain tenure!

After being in "wait and see" mode for a few months, I tell you all of this only to share - he turned down the position and Man-Child has signed a contract for next year!  We are all so excited and happy.  Man-Child is happy to be looking forward to seeing "his" kids again next year.  He is happy to be looking forward to starting his "adult" life, i.e., finding his own place closer to the school.  While, we will miss having him here, we are excited for him.  I remember that time of my life.  Besides, I know the area he is thinking about...it's not that far AND there some of my favorite shops are not too far from there.  Perfect excuse to visit often...


  1. I'm so glad it worked out for your son. I worked for three years on the public education system, and while I can say many, many good things about it, there is also so much bureaucracy and red tape.

  2. That is just the best news. And totally as it should be! Happy Fathers Day! :-)

  3. Congratulations to your son!!!!

  4. That's such great news. I hope your son has a great school year with his students.

  5. Oh my gosh! I am with you - that was ridiculous. Why accommodate a sneak? Glad it worked out. What an exciting time for your son. Worrying about our kids never ends, does it? :)