June 11, 2018

Keeping in touch IS important...

I just received a call from the one cousin, you know - I'm sure you all have one; the one that you feel should have been your sibling.  This cousin (that should have been my sister - actually the only one that could have been my sister since all the others were boys) was "returning" a call from me.

I didn't call her to begin with.

But it was the nudge we both needed.

After her mom died (holy cow it was THAT long ago?! Seems like yesterday) we texted back and forth for quite a bit.  Mainly I instigated the conversation to be sure that she was getting along okay - I knew that her mother's death would rock her world.

And then, as is with life, things tapered off as we both focused on the daily minutiae of our lives...you know...the various chores that needed to be done, laundry (always with the laundry!), house maintenance, yard maintenance, work, spouses...the list goes on.

But as we've recently been reminded, The Husband and I, life is fleeting.  Take this time to remember those important in your life and contact them.  It doesn't need to be an every day thing - but reach out.  Let them know are thinking about them.

I think that gesture is probably more important than we realize.


  1. Good to have such a good companion and friend along with us. Sorry to hear about the loss.

  2. You just nudged me to send an email to my sister in law who visited us last week. I've been hoping she enjoyed her visit as much as I did. And yes, life is fleeting. Sending you big hugs, Gigi. :-)

    1. I am sure she enjoyed the visit, I know I would have! And loved the follow up email.