July 24, 2018

I have the weirdest co-workers....a mystery.

As a company, for some reason, we seem to be bringing on some really weird people lately.  Yes, we had weird people before but the number seems to be growing exponentially ever since The Transaction a couple of years ago. 

By way of example, from what I am hearing the great coffee saga continues.  One person makes the good stuff, the jack-ass comes along and pours it out and makes the swill.  Luckily for me, I have removed myself completely from this situation by having my own coffee maker at my desk - that in a nutshell is office life; in order to keep from completely losing your mind or hurling disgusting coffee at the offensive co-worker(s) is to remove yourself (as much as possible) from the situation.

And then, of course, there was the one who either refused to come pick up, clean and remove the disgusting dishes from our Christmas Treat fest, or completely forgot about them and will freak out when they can't find them about six months from now.

You know, I can't remember now how long it took for those dishes to disappear...I just knew I wasn't going to be the one making it happen.  Word is someone picked them up and shoved them in a cabinet somewhere...sanitary, I know.

And then there was yesterday.  For every floor, we have two sets of men and women's restrooms.  One is closer to me than the other; so, as I'm sure you can reasonably conclude that the one I venture into most often is the closest one.  And you would be correct.  Except yesterday, I happened to be nearer to the other one when *ahem* I needed to visit said room.  I walked in only to be stopped in my tracks. 

There, in the handicapped stall at the far end of the room, sat a recycling can in the corner.  Puzzled, I went into another stall to take care of business.  While washing my hands, I could see the recycling can in the mirror.  Intrigued, I walked over as I was drying my hands and looked in...


I left the restroom and went to find a sane co-worker to ask her what was up with the recycling can in the bathroom.  She had no idea.  She theorized that maybe, with the recent heavy rains a leak was discovered?  A plausible theory to be sure...except for the fact that the can was completely dry.

I asked another sane co-worker and she too had no idea what was up with the can being in the stall.

Today I made a point of going to that restroom just to see if the recycling can was still there.  It was.

I know the evening cleaning crew has a policy to not touch or move anything unless there is a note labeling it "trash" or whatever - so I'm fairly certain they did not put it there and they won't remove it until they are told to do so - which means that from now on there will be a random recycling can in the handicap stall of that restroom until the end of times.

What in the actual hell?  Why would someone put a recycling can there?  Just to make us all wonder?  I wouldn't put it past some of these people.  Now I will always wonder...who did it and why.


  1. I have to agree with you, Gigi. You have some really weird people in that office. If you ever find out about the recycling can, would you let me know? A mystery indeed. :-)

  2. That is super duper weird. Based on what I know of your workplace, I am surprised that you had not 1 but 2 sane co-workers to confer with. What luck!

  3. That's the strangest thing! And I'm sure you will never solve that mystery but if you do, please make sure to report back!