April 25, 2019

"You just want me to be perfect!" Or...why our garage looks like it does.

The Husband and Man-Child are taking a trip next month where they plan to fish and do manly things, I guess.  Which resulted in the following conversation.

The Husband:  "I need to get some new fishing gear for the trip."

Me:  "Okay.  But don't you already have some gear in the garage?"

The Husband:  "Yes, but some of it is broken."

Me:  "Then WHY is it in the garage?!  Throw it out."

The Husband:  "I'm not sure what is broken and what isn't."

Me: *blankly stares at him, while wondering why he didn't just get rid of the gear that was broken when he figured out it was broken*

The Husband, accurately reading the expression on my face:  "You just want me to be perfect!  And to throw things away.  And to not bring plastic bags into the house!"

Me:  "If that's your interpretation of perfect, then yes, that is what I want."

And he wonders why the garage is in the state it's in.

We are working on it though - and it looks a lot better than it did, but obviously, still has a long way to go - gee, I wonder why?

He has promised that once we get it in shape he will keep it that way.  Considering he's been pretty good about his closet, I have a glimmer of hope - but just a glimmer, mind you.


  1. The garage. Do NOT get me started. I have taken it upon myself to clean it out and organize it every summer for the past several years. I do NOT want this job. Coach and I have very different ideas of cleaning out the garage. He moves a few things. I remove everything. Clean the floor and only put back what we use. Sigh. This is the worst part of summer.

    I really enjoyed your definition of perfection as told thru the garage pack rat.

  2. Oh, this made me laugh. I can just see you two standing there arguing about the fishing gear. I would just take the whole lot and throw it out. But that's obviously not a good way to get 'er done. :-)