April 6, 2019

A treat to celebrate getting those pesky taxes done...

Before I left for Texas (yes, by now, I've gone and returned) The Husband declared that the weekend after I returned we would do our taxes, and that weekend?  It was today.

As I've mentioned before, several times, I HATE doing our taxes.  Usually, I am the one at the keyboard asking The Husband for the necessary data while he scrambles through the assorted paperwork to find the information, usually throwing out an "I DON'T know!  I can't find it!  Oh!  Here it is!"  In addition to doing our taxes, I had to show Man-Child how to do his taxes.  Fun, fun.  Especially, since the sun was shining and the day was glorious...here's hoping tomorrow's forecast is more of the same, so maybe I can get out and play in the dirt.

But to be fair, this time - for both our taxes and Man-Child's - was fairly uncomplicated and dealt with without all the hand-wringing and "I DON'T knows!"

And as a reward for getting those pesky taxes over and done with, I decided that I would make a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting...

It is currently sitting in the fridge for the requisite hour - I can't wait to try it.  I found the recipe here

As for the trip home?

I had a great time - as I always do when spending time with one of my oldest friends.  She is getting married in May and I was happy to help her get some wedding planning squared away (Dress? Check.  Cake?  Check.  Centerpieces? Check.  Minister?  Check.  Venue?  Check.  What the groom will wear?  Check.  Yes, we WERE busy!) all while playing "catch up."

Were their hiccups along the way?  Of course.  We are talking about me after all.  But my suitcase finally caught up with me, I didn't run out of gas and I eventually made it home.  And the taxes are done for another year.  And I have cake waiting for me...so I have no reason to complain, no reason at all.

(FYI, I just had a very small slice and,...if I do say so myself, it IS delicious!)


  1. Ohhh that looks delicious! Crazy delicious. Well done on the taxes. Glad you had a good trip to Texas. A girls weekend sounds delightful. I am headed to Greensboro on Friday. Curly dances in World Championships of Irish dancing there on Sunday the 14th. Last year Scotland, next year Dublin, not sure how NC figures in, but I am embracing the 'local' feel. We are even driving - saving money on airfare and this allows me to pack food. Guess who is going to be busy this week making extra meals?

  2. We got back a small amount and have already spent our tax return. Congratulations on having a no-issue tax return filed with plenty of time to spare. And the trip sounds like it was lovely. Enjoy that delicious cake! :-)

  3. That cake looks fabulous but I would think that your men would have made it for YOU since you did all the work!!!! :)