April 28, 2019

He's subtly thwarting me...

It's no big secret, but I've been following the "less is more mantra" lately.  Much to The Husband's chagrin.  Why the chagrin?  Because that means I have been expecting him to follow the same mantra, which is failing.

Although, I've been able (so far) to get him to let go of some things - and food - that we absolutely have no need for; he continues to bring things into the house - that we probably have no need for.  I figure he's a work in progress.  In fact, this weekend we were able to successfully rid the garage of a bunch of stuff we did not need.  Granted, this project is far from over, unfortunately.

But lately, I have noticed a new, recent obsession of The Husband's.  An obsession that I think is his silent rebellion.  The new obsession?

Underwear and socks. 

Random, right?  He seems to have developed an unnatural fear of not having enough.  It's like he thinks I'm going to fall down on the job one day and he won't have enough of either clean items.

This despite the fact that I faithfully do laundry every week.  And every week, despite the dwindling options in his drawer throughout the week, fresh laundry always appears just in the nick of time.

Last weekend, he asked if I was going to be doing laundry any time soon.  Why?  Because there were only two clean pairs of undies in his drawer.  While the rest were in the dryer.

I kid you not. 

We have been married for twenty-eight years.  In that time, he has never, ever - not even once - been without clean underwear or socks.  Never.

But what did I discover today while putting his folded unmentionables away?

That he had purchased new socks and underwear.

Generally, this wouldn't be an issue (particularly if he routinely tossed worn items.  He does not.  I usually do that if I notice the wear while folding) but the drawers that hold these items are not limitless.  And now, I am struggling to fit everything neatly into their respective drawers.  He cannot explain this compulsion.  I'm putting it down to the fact that this is rebellion of the "less is more" movement going on in this house.  Or he wants to see how creative I can get to keep those drawers tidy with more stuff.

Those drawers that I Marie-Kondo'd the heck out of - and, after all this time, still stay fairly tidy.  I know!  Even I'm surprised it still works...until he introduces new items - that he didn't need.


  1. That is hilarious! And very interesting. Coach has a real fear of running out of socks, but that is because Tank wears his socks and I cannot keep up with the demand if they both wear the same pile of socks. I envision The Husband tip toeing into the house with his new purchases.

  2. That's funny, and I think definitely a response to seeing things disappear around him. I sure like to have new underwear, so I can relate. :-)