December 28, 2019

Notes from my sick bed, recuperation and back

Considering I've been on vacation for practically two weeks, you would have thought I would have had the time and inclination to post more than once.  Oh sure, I've thought (often) I should post about this that or the other.

But the truth is, with Christmas coming up so quickly behind Thanksgiving, being sick, bouncing back, getting sick again, etc. there just hasn't been time.

When I last left you, I was finally (I thought) ready for Christmas...until the day before Christmas Eve when I decided that was THE perfect day to work on organizing the garage.  This effort has been an on again off again effort between The Husband and I since we moved in almost four (!) years ago.  A couple of weeks ago, I had The Husband move a couple of heavy pieces for me in the garage and let it sit.  And while it sat, I ruminated.  And on the day before Christmas Eve, my organization plan crystallized - and since I was feeling better, I got to work.  Needless to say, The Husband was shocked when he got home and saw the transformation.

It's not completely done - but it's about ninety percent organized.  I would say I wish I had a before picture; but that would be a lie - there is no way in God's green earth that I would post a picture of what it looked like before.

It's almost ready for my car!!!

All that remains is finding a home for the tractor and for me to sort through and organize a few things out of the picture and (hopefully) re-home some of the stuff on the shelves to new shelves that The Husband needs to build for me - also located out of the picture.

And then it was Christmas Eve.  We were hosting our friends two doors down and her mother and step-father - for a total of seven people not counting us three; when it occurred to me that desserts needed to be made.  And that they HAD to be made before The Husband came home early around two (thank goodness he hadn't thought ahead to take Christmas Eve off!) and took over the kitchen; plus the oragami napkins had to be done.

Needless to say, I was non-stop busy until our guests arrived.  A fun time was had by all.  Until they went home...and I began to realize, I wasn't feeling so well.

Apparently, spending two days straight of doing things instead of resting when I should have been recuperating set me back and I was back in the land of being sick.  Not sick; sick.  No fever, etc.  But feeling fairly wretched.

For those keeping count - it's been a total of three weeks that I've been sick.  And, yes, those three weeks have been a crazy busy three weeks; what with Christmas prep, etc.  Since Christmas, I have barely left the house and have tried very hard to rest and not do anything too strenuous - although I did take down the majority of the decorations today (I HAD to - but truly, there wasn't much!  This needed to be done because I will not want to do it after I go back to work); so our tree is naked but for the lights - waiting for The Husband to dismantle it and put it away...this may take some time as he hates that I pack Christmas away so early.

Today I am feeling better - The Husband even commented that I am looking better - but I'm still planning to take it easy for the remaining five days of time off that I have; even though that garage is calling my name...because God only knows, I do NOT want to go back to work sick.


  1. Do you travel to other people's homes to assist in horrifying garage clean ups? I have done a full empty and reorganize of the garage on my own MULTIPLE times. It does not last long though. The current situation is downright disaster mode.

    Bummer that you have so much difficulty shaking this illness. Do you think you had the flu? I vote that you put your feet up and rest up while you have days off.

    Feel better!

  2. I haven't been able to park in my garage since Tony moved in 8 years ago when we got married. True story. Our tree is staying up until Bonus son closes on his condo (fingers crossed) so that will be the longest Christmas has ever lasted in my house. Mainly because when he moves out (YAY) Youngest has decided not to go back to his bedroom and I can store everything in the attic including the Christmas stuff in there. (Double YAY) Our attic is difficult to manage so yeah, I can't wait to get it into a room I can stand up in.

    I fell on ice while working a gazillion hours over the month of December. Two weeks later I still can't sneeze without cringing in pain, so I went to the doctor today for a rib x-ray. Still waiting on the results, but I happily took the doctor's note saying I can't lift anything over 40lbs for the next 2 weeks.

    Hope you're feeling better soon! Just know that I'm sitting here totally jealous of your garage. :)

  3. OOOF! That garage work looked incredibly taxing to me. I cannot imagine doing that during this packed time of the year. And I am so so glad to hear that you are (and you better!) taking the rest of your time off, just lounging and relaxing. Sounds exhausting to me, but then again I'm a bit older than you. :-)