December 21, 2019

Ready - finally!

Yes, I know I mentioned almost TWO weeks ago that I was feeling was a filthy lie.  Not one that I told on purpose though - it's just whatever this nasty crud might be I don't know; but I do know it's a liar.

One day, I felt like I was dying; only to feel like I was on the mend the next and then back to feeling like I was dying.  Currently, *knock wood* I think I'm finally on the upswing.  We shall see.  A friend's daughter contracted the same thing before Thanksgiving and is only just now beginning to feel human; unfortunately, it appears the friend has now contracted this dreaded bug.

In the meantime, on the days that I've felt pretty good, I have been busy; particularly today.

As of today, I can claim that ALL the presents have been purchased - minus the three last minute gifts; but those are easy gifts - it just requires one trip to the liquor store. Whew.  Because honestly?  Every other gift has been come by with far too much effort.  Next year, those guys of mine better be more forthcoming with ideas.

All the presents - minus the three last minute ones - have been wrapped and bedecked with ribbon.

Another batch of almond bark - made exclusively for Man-Child has been made.  Spritz (butter) cookies have been made - this is truly a labor of love, since the cookie press and I don't always see eye to eye - as evidenced, AGAIN, this year.  But again, made mainly for Man-Child.

Christmas cards were mailed last week; plus I helped another friend create a printed canvas gift for her son and daughter in law - I am so happy we were able to get that done since the picture of her grandchildren was so adorable it NEEDED to be done.

So now, hopefully, I can sit back and prepare for the holiday; with nothing more to think about than a dessert for Christmas Eve.  Any ideas?

How about you?  Are you ready?  Or still in the thick of it all?


  1. I am so glad to hear you are truly over that awful bug. I wonder if you had the flu that is killing people all over the country. I'm done with all my Christmas shopping, because there isn't any to actually do. We don't gift each other any more, and without any kids, we're just enjoying the season. Happy Solstice, Gigi! :-)

  2. Merry Christmas, Gigi! Oh my goodness ... your mention of spritz (butter) cookies brought back so many memories because our little cookie press had a mind of its own. We love/hated that thing!

  3. I read this and then never got a chance to comment. I no longer remember what interrupted me. Glad everything fell into place! I was very much in the thick of it all up to the 11th hour. It is a long ping pong story which I will soon post. Hope you enjoyed your day!