December 8, 2019

...and just like *that* things can change...maybe not radically, but they can change

So yesterday, I wrote a post while I was sure I was on my deathbed.  I'm not even kidding...I felt like I was going to die.  And The Husband had the funeral home on speed-dial...I kid, kind of.

Around 3:30 this morning, The Husband leapt from our bed convinced that I was gasping my last as I hacked, hacked, hacked away.  He went into the other room to escape the germs or the possibility of witnessing me or the other. 

After I had quieted down and drifted off into a quasi-sleep he crept back into the bed.  Soon after, I could feel the coughing coming on again, so I made my way to the couch so that he could sleep.  Eventually, I made my way back to bed where I quasi-slept until about 7:00 am.

And when I woke up?  I felt...ok.  Not a hundred percent for sure...but felt that I might be making a turn.  After having some coffee - and more medicine - I thought I might be able to tackle the tree.  So I asked The Husband to bring in three specific boxes and began to throw the tree together.  It's not finished by any stretch, but if this is as far as it gets that's fine by me.

Of course, I did discover - again - while decorating the tree that the angel that tops our tree died last year.  The second angel that has graced this decades long marriage.  Let me tell you, that first angel lasted far longer (and is the source of how The Husband and I met) and I scoured the earth to find a clone to replace her. *sigh* I had meant to look for another angel last year and time got away from me - which left me with an angel-less tree today.

After sitting, assessing how I felt and some more medicine, I decided I had enough energy to make a double batch of almond bark and a batch of peanut butter fudge for the ingrates I work with - why do I continue to reward them?!

To be completely honest, both of those treats are so easy to make there is little to no effort actually involved.  I'm sure I've shared the recipes before if you wish to scour the archives - I'm far too lazy to look for them right now.

After some more sitting, assessing and more medicine, I determined that I had enough energy to shower and head into town in search of one angel, one gift, a few baking supplies and a quick drop by the office to pick up some boxes I had forgotten to bring home on Friday.

That sounds like a lot, but really it wasn't.  I walked into Michael's and immediately found a replacement angel that isn't quite the clone to the first but close enough and was able to waltz out within ten minutes.  I walked into one store, picked up the gift card I needed and walked out within five minutes.  Ditto for the office.

Keeping up with my medicine regimen the entire time was key, I think - and the fact that it appears I was on the mend.

I was very mindful not to overdo - but I also knew I wanted to throw together another batch of almond bark and peanut butter fudge to welcome the new neighbors - so I did and that will probably be delivered next weekend.  And when that was done, I was also done.

So here I sit, cozy in my PJs, content that some things were done - including laundry - because God knows how antsy The Husband gets when his sock and underwear drawers get low! - tired but still feeling that I may live after all.

Thank you all for your kind words.  Despite all that I've laid out here, I HAVE taken it easy and haven't rushed or pushed myself much...if I had I would be elbow deep in cookie dough right about now.

I also know that I only have to face a four day work week before calling it quits until the New Year!


  1. Wow- what a difference a day can make. Glad you were able to get some things done without comprimising your road to recovery! I have been at 6 bball games so far this weekend. Reggie has two more games tonight which will leave me at 8 games total. Coach and I split up tonight- he is at travel volleyball. Anyway- I got busy on my phone during half times and time outs. I am pleased to report I have many items in my cart that will turn into godchildren gifts once I narrow it down. Hope you are even better tomorrow!

  2. So glad to hear it! I knew you would turn the corner, and it seems you are taking it (relatively) easy. Yay! :-)

  3. I'm glad you turned a corner. I have to say, your 'lite' baking is like a full blown cooking show for me...I'm not a baker, so it takes all I can muster to do the simplest of baking. I hope you've gone UP from this last post. Take care-Suz

  4. Well, wow. For a sick person, you got quite a lot done! My grandma used to make the best peanut butter fudge! I forgot about that stuff. Glad you're feeling better and your tree is topped with an angel. What more could you want?