December 30, 2019

Sifting through the pieces...

Both of my guys each bought me a new puzzle for Christmas; I was delighted.  But then the nagging thought came through - they bought me these puzzles to keep me out of their hair; as they both know that I can spend hours working on a puzzle.  I'm assuming they thought, if they could keep me preoccupied, I couldn't harass them about the things they needed to take care of - amateurs.

What they didn't realize is this - as I am intently sifting through the random pieces looking for a perfect match - my mind is free to wander - although my eyes are searching for the exact piece that I need; my mind is active and ruminating on things that need to be done, the best way to organize the garage with the least amount of effort, what I need to remind them that they need to get done, thoughts regarding goals for the coming year.

So yes, while I am tucked away - out of their hair - I am thinking; a thought that I'm sure sends shudders down both of their I plot out what needs to be done - and when - during the next month or so.  It's days like this that I know Man-Child is glad he has his own place that he can retreat to...and The Husband, well...I'm sure he wishes he could hide somewhere.

As my vacation dwindles to an end - and as I continue to recuperate (see puzzles); I continue to think about what the next year may bring to us.  And you.  Happy, happy new year to you and yours.  2020 is going to be least, that's what my ruminations tell I sift through the pieces.

Much love.


  1. My kids celebrate (sort of secretly, but I know what they are thinking!) when I run errands or go to the mall or something. They enjoy their freedom when I am not here to remind people to take out the garbage or sweep the floor or stop eating in the family room. They slyly ask me how long I will be gone when I walk out the door. Nothing gets past me.

    Enjoy your puzzle and your crazy clean garage (note to self: do NOT share pics of our garage with Gigi).

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. Oh, such a wonderful thing to have loved ones who know exactly how to get you out of their hair. And that you have hem bamboozled, thinking you're not going to come after them with tasks. Poor guys. :-)

  3. I hope you are feeling better now and have gotten rid of this sickness once and for all! Happy New Year!!!!