March 31, 2020

Things....because well, things

Things are wild right about now, aren't they?

We just had a Zoom call with Man-Child and while it was good to "see" him, it made me miss him even more.  And the people at Zoom must be loving this pandemic; considering how many people I see are "Zoom-ing" of late. 

Worst of all?  I hate to contemplate that this may be the only way that we can have Easter together.  Let's not talk of it.

I am continuing to try to work from home as much as possible BUT The Husband has decided to take two days off this week since his workload has lessened since they closed the bank lobbies and curtailed his various duties that required him to be and out and about.  He kept seeming to forget that I needed to be "working" during work hours - granted not all hours needed to be "worked" but the majority of them did...thus the term, "Working From Home" which basically translates into I need to be available during those hours.

His next day off is Thursday.  I'm thinking THAT will be a good day to go into the office for a tiny bit to do the actual stuff that I can't do from here.  Generally, there are only two other people on the floor, so I don't feel to icky about it.

It's forward thinking like this that keeps our marriage solid...and me from killing him.

As Naptimewriting noted, this is a generation-defining moment.  Without a doubt it is.  And I have been wondering what the outcome will be.  Will humanity become more compassionate?  Considering where we were and where some of us still seem to be (hoarding on purpose), I despair. But maybe, hopefully, humanity will surprise me. 

And I am finding that I am having waves of low, low, lows and then waves of hope and optimism, as people share the good that they are noticing during this very difficult time. 

I can't tell you how many times I've been moved to tears by news of teachers creating a parade through their students neighborhoods, etc.

I am also finding that people are blogging more (myself included, kind of) and commenting more.  This, I think, speaks to the connection to others that we are all craving due to the lack of physical presence - well, the physical presence of someone who isn't with us practically 24/7.

And then there's my hair.  Of course, it is.  Since this nightmare has begun I have found myself saving my favorite products - which give me better hair, I think - to using all the other products I've tried and deemed to be duds and lie languishing under the bathroom sink.  Waste not; want, who cares?  No one is going to see me...other than The Husband.  In the midst of these fluctuating hair days - thrown on top of a day that had me running my fingers through this mop more than normal (making me look like a Mad Scientist), The Husband randomly asked, "Are you ever going to wear your hair straight again?"


He claims to find me beautiful however I wear my hair - but I know he prefers it straight.  But, to be honest, this is a fight that I've pretty much left behind me...unless I cut my hair super short; which I know I won't because...maintenance.  I never have, and most likely won't any time soon, have my hair cut on a regular schedule.  (The *why* behind this eludes me constantly) This is the one area where I have thrown in the towel straightener, so to speak. 

Who knows, maybe I'll get bored enough to spend an hour on my hair...but I doubt it.  But I am eyeballing the trim work that needs painting and the weeds that need pulling.


  1. With all the hair salons shut down, I think we will soon be a nation of shaggy mops, wanting somebody to fix things! I was able to get my own hair cut just after the shutdown, when my stylist was taking one customer into her salon at a time, with everybody else laid off. And yeah, this time is definitely putting a lot of stress on our partnerships. We haven't spent this much time together in decades! :-)

  2. I just said to Coach as we drove to his clinic really early to workout on equipment before patients arrived - "This is just so weird." It really is when you stop and think about it. Who would ever have imagined being told to stay home? School cancelled? Bazaar.

    Yes to the projects and yet I cannot seem to get as many done as I feel I should.

    I just decided this morning that I would use less product on my hair. I always use like 3 or 4 bottles of stuff, but I often wonder which product is really doing the job and which others are just along for the expensive ride. Time to find out. Nothing like a little ugly hair experiment to make life interesting.

    Coach is still working but his volume is lower than normal, so he is home more than he used to be. He has basically invited me to strangle him just two or three times. Otherwise, I am usually happy to have the back up. This gang of kids can get rowdy at times.

  3. Yes to all of this. I can't even think of Easter or Mother's Day for that matter. Although my kids will be here with me, my mom won't and that is heartbreaking.
    My birthday is at the end of this month and I can't even think about that right now.

    Sending you a hug.

  4. THE HAIR THING. So far I'm okay, but soon I'm going to have to colour it myself. No, I am not going to "go natural" as some people have suggested. I was wondering about growing it out and now I guess I'm going to! Ha! Decision made for me.

  5. I agree with you on all points and the pointless part of doing our hair; although I've either blown or straighened it each day just because I look a hot mess to MYSELF.
    It is hard not being able to hug our loved ones and that's tough for me; talking to my kids via facetime is good, but human touch is a big deal.
    My husband has been home more and as much as I love him, he gets to me every once in a while. I might blog about how he likes to touch glass doors and can't rehang the kitchen towel to save his life. HA. I'm cracking.

    Stay well my friend.