April 8, 2020

I have the time - but finding the words is hard right now

I keep trying to post...and then delete every single time.

Everything is so off kilter that trying to find words is...hard.

Suz's post today reminded me - thanks to the pandemic, Man-Child has been calling The Husband to figure out how to feed himself.  I have to admit, every time I hear The Husband explaining a recipe, I have to smile.

Man-Child has always wanted to learn how to cook things but never followed up on it.  Now he has to - and is discovering that it isn't as hard as he previously thought (says the woman who doesn't cook and really has no interest in learning now - although, based on a recent conversation via text with a friend, it appears I have picked up some knowledge via osmosis when I opined about why her baked macaroni and cheese isn't as creamy as she'd hoped - my opinion was later verified by The Husband).

Based on the same text conversation I found at least one reason that my working from home is fairly easy.  I'm here alone.  She, on the other hand, has two teenagers and a husband as her daily co-workers.  I don't have anyone here chewing loudly or doing other things to make me crazy...except on the weekends and...I'm not trying to work then.

I find myself tearing up at the most random things.  There is a local jewelry store that is running the MOST cheesy ad.  An ad that, in normal circumstances I would mock endlessly.  But now?  Now, every single time I hear this ad about how "everything is going to be okay!" I find tears in my eyes.

I know that, eventually everything will be "okay" or "normal" - but I ponder how things will be changed.  Because you and I both know, things WILL be different in the future.  How we conduct ourselves.  Our cleaning habits.  Our greeting habits.  And many other things - it will all be different.  How all that plays out remains to be seen.

In the interim, wash your hands.  Physically isolate.  And, most importantly, stay safe.  Sending virtual hugs to you all.  We'll get through this...somehow.


  1. I find myself being emotional and teary at random things too! I do think this is going to change everything - some good, a lot not good, but it's all going to be different.

    On the upside, your son is learning to cook!

  2. I too have found myself weepy much of the time. This is such a hard time and nobody knows how it will all turn out. But you're right, things will change and we will have to get used to a new normal, whatever that will look like. Sending you some virtual hugs. I need them, too. :-)

  3. I find that a good cry once a day is helping me a lot.
    I hurt my ankle the other day and now I am blue because walking is how I kept sane.
    I don't want eating to replace that, so I need to cry more I guess.

  4. I know it's not the same thing, but I relate to back after 9/11; how we as a nation changed our behavior, our security, our perspective on everything. I believe we will come out of this smarter, kinder (please!) and more appreciative of everything.
    I didn't know your husband was the cook in the family; good for you! ;) I love that your son is learning and that means he'll be a great husband one day too.

  5. How great that Manchild is learning to cook. My kids have all attempted a meal. They vote soon on which they want me to add to my repertoire. I feel for people trying to work from how with so many distractions ie: family members. I don't have actual work but I do try to do some writing - I am in a class right now. Even if I am just trying to think . . . it is one kid's incessant whistling and another's loud chewing and the loud cheering during the long ping pong tournaments that are interrupting me. Don't get me wrong - praise the Lord for ping pong! I do wonder what will be different. Will the grocery stores keep the plastic wall in between the register and the customer? I hope that a vaccine is found and that this can be less threatening. Lad just got an email from his college. A grad student and a young instructor have both died (22 and 25 yrs old). Unthinkable.