May 26, 2020

My world is getting pretty small...

I finally finished painting the chairs and tables for the back porch and am quite pleased with the result.

It's amazing how much larger the porch appears when the pollen is swept up and with the jolt of color.  Yes, Juli, I realize that the black tables will be a pain with the pollen.  But honestly, the dark brown color that was their previous iteration was no better.  I figured whichever way I went there is no way to stop the will always come.

I have determined that an outdoor rug is now needed.  Yes, I realize, that will be a headache unto itself.  But this is what happens when you leave me at home unattended.

For now, we are ignoring the fact that the porch rails are filthy.  Truth be told, even when cleaned they look filthy.  Personally, I think they need to be replaced.  Again, being left home unattended...

I realized today *just* how much smaller my world has been getting over these many, many weeks.  Today, I had to drive into Town (vs. the much smaller "town" that is our "Main Street" five minutes down the road either way.) to pick up my contact-less, curbside wine order and I was annoyed by the fact that they don't deliver out here. The big Town is about 20 minutes - give or take - away.  And to think, I used to do that at least TWICE a day driving to work and back; never thinking anything about it.  On the weekends God only know how many times I would travel into Town and back.

I do have to admit - despite the annoyance of having to drive into Town - I am loving the whole delivery/curbside delivery thing.  I'm really hoping that this little "perk" will continue when this *waves hands around wildly* whole thing is over.

But then, news stories like this pop up over the weekend, along with pictures like this...

Not much social distancing going on here!  AND barely any masks!

 and I am thinking...this thing is FAR from over.


  1. The porch looks so inviting, I want to sit there and have a drink with you! It's amazing how little gas we are using these days. A tank is lasting so long, and just think how often we would be in the car before all this.

  2. SO far from over. I have seen so many pictures from around our country of people not taking this seriously and I think they are in for a world of hurt in two weeks.

    I am shocked by the pollen situation in the South. My parents lived in Tennessee for four years and my mom said it was hard to get used to. My allergies are bad enough up in the Midwest!

    I love your rocking chairs!

  3. Your chairs turned out great! Nice front porch. And I too am dismayed by all the people thinking the virus is under control. It's not. :-(

  4. Your porch looks wonderful. Like something from a magazine. I cannot believe that story of people lined up to see a race. Good grief. In Chicago things are opening very slowly if at all and people are complaining so much. I am of the mind that those making the decisions are hoping for the best, so go with the flow people.

  5. I love your chairs; the colors are so summery. Yes, I understand the 'left unattended' thing; I keep finding more projects too. $$
    What the actual hell with people protesting that we stay healthy?! Uggghhhh.

  6. I guess you could have always painted the chairs pollen yellow/green! :) But then you wouldn't be able to see the pollen and would sit on the chairs and be covered in it! Your porch looks great, by the way!