May 15, 2020

Today's project (realizing that "today" might be finished tomorrow)

This morning seemed to be shaping up as a very slow work day - which is fine, because I am planning to head into an empty office tomorrow to take care of a few things.  Seriously, this working from home thing is working very well for me - when this all went down, I would have said this would NOT work for me.  I also acknowledge, my situation is different from a lot of people's experience.

The other day, I had decided that this would be a good time to paint the rockers on our back porch.  Now, it must be said, these rockers are over twenty years old and although they've been cleaned a time or two, the paint was in a sad, sad state.  As I wondered, out loud, what color I should paint them, The Husband chimed in with, "How about a teal?" to my utter shock. 

I must clarify.  When we built our first house he had a VERY strong opinion that the walls should be painted a beige-y color.  I acquiesced...for a bit before I re-painted the living room with Tuscan-inspired yellow...which eventually grew on him.

So, apparently, after many years of marriage color has grown on him.  And, actually, I had been thinking about teal for those chairs.  I immediately headed over to the Target website and they had the perfect color of spray paint - so I promptly ordered five four white cans; because you always need white spray paint.

I started with this, lightly sanded, cleaned but sad looking chair (this was my "test" chair).

Actually, this one is one of the better looking ones.
 It was selected as a "test" chair based on it's proximity to the door!

After it was sanded, cleaned and finally dried I moved on to the painting portion of the day.

After the first coat...I LIKE!

I sent the photo to The previously, color-averse Husband, who approved.  And then...I looked at my hands.  And sent this photo to The Husband saying, "Obviously, I didn't think through the ramifications...I'm going to need a new manicure!"

Never have I seen a teal-hued french manicure before...

What I didn't take into account?  How many cans of spray paint it would take to cover ONE chair.  Two coats on the top half of that one chair (the bottom still needs to be painted) later has me trying to calculate how many more cans are needed for the other two chairs.

But then I started thinking...should I paint each chair a different color?  Or should I paint two chairs teal and one coral?  Or should they all be teal and the table white?  Or the table black?  Decisions, decisions.  But by the time this is all over, the back porch is going to be riot of color.


  1. It looks wonderful, Gigi. You outdid yourself. I think you should make one coral, but that's just me. :-)

  2. Looks great, I wasn’t able to order spray paint online with Target .

  3. I LOVE the teal color! Sad about your nails though. :(
    I was finally able to get my toes and fingers taken care of yesterday; I feel like a real girl now!

  4. That chair looks amazing. Quite the transformation. I would do them all teal, but that's me. I like uniformity -though you would never know it if you saw the inside of my house.

  5. OKay...
    1) Impressive that your husband knows what teal is. If it wasn't our HS colors, the husband say it was blue.
    2) I love the color contrast of teal and black, but a black table will show every bit of pollen.
    3) Love that working from home is working for you.

  6. I love that color! My sister-in-law painted their front door a color very similar and it just looks so much happier. It's a good color for a dark time in our lives. :)

  7. That is a pleasing colour for a chair.

  8. That looks beautiful! Great job! I love the colour.

  9. I love the teal! I think a coral would look great with it. I have a couple adirondack (I can never pronounce that) chairs that need a redo. They aren't as old as yours - about 15 years maybe - but they are looking pretty shabby. They would look great in teal too. You've inspired me to give it a go.

  10. It looks great!! What a nice pop of color!