May 30, 2020

Seventy-four days...

Today marks seventy-four days since my lock down began.

For seventy-three of those days, I haven't worn any jewelry.  I don't know why - there was no conscious thought behind it.  I just didn't.

This morning as I was getting dressed to head into the office (I've been going in for a couple hours on the weekends to get things done that I can't do from here), I reached for my watch, rings, and earrings.  I even spritzed on some perfume - another thing I haven't done for seventy-three days.

It felt normal-ish.

Although my ears, it appears, seemed to think those very light hoops weighed a ton.  Eventually though I forgot I had them on - again, normal-ish.  Until about ten minutes ago, when my ears began to rebel and began to itch - so I just removed them.

I guess my ears just need to get used to the earrings again.

I can't remember when I gave up on the contacts though.  But it's been a long while now since I've put them in and am wondering if I will ever wear them on a daily basis again.  I guess we shall to speak.

I do remember WHY I gave up the contacts though.  I ordered a counted cross stitch kit.  Yes, I am teaching myself how to cross stitch.  You'd be surprised at how much time it can kill when you get on a roll.  I had to take the contacts out in order to see what I was doing.  So I found it easier to skip the contacts, wear my glasses all day and just take them off when I'm doing the cross stitch.

The first two projects (neither of which I plan to keep) came out okay.  I'm on my fourth project (the third had to be set aside for a bit because I screwed it up SO royally that I had to remove all the stitches - I figure that was a very ambitious project so the fourth project will hopefully teach me enough to go back and re-start/finish it...eventually - if I don't get bored with this activity first).

I ordered lunch from our local Mexican restaurant today for curbside pickup.  As I waited, I noticed there was a large sign on the door stating that only 80 patrons could be inside at any given time.  And as I waited, I watched several people walk up and go in - all without protection and all without giving it a second thought.

I wonder if it will ever feel normal to go out for lunch again?

Actually, a co-worker called me yesterday to see if I wanted to meet for lunch.  I explained I was still staying in - but I will admit I was tempted for half a second.  And I'm praying that she is being safe while out and about.

Technically, I had a dentist appointment last Wednesday - one that had been re-scheduled twice during lock down - and I called and re-scheduled it for August because, even though I know they are taking precautions, I just didn't feel comfortable about going.

I wonder if it will ever feel normal to go to the dentist again?

Heading into a grocery store or a drug store when absolutely necessary garbed up with the mask makes me jittery.  Seeing all the unmasked and unconcerned (seemingly) masses really ups the jitters.

Will it ever feel normal to walk into a store - unmasked - again?

Really though, what I wonder about the most is whether or not I will ever feel comfortable about going out, for no real reason, again?


  1. Oh, I hear you, Gigi. Our world will never be the same after this. I am so pleased that the places I go (the grocery store, the local pharmacy) everyone is masked and distanced. You are like me: nearsighted. I never learned to wear contacts and then I got cataract surgery and only use glasses for driving. :-)

  2. I feel you, about all of this. I was thinking about the dentist and I'm not sure when I'll feel comfortable. But, I would like to get my teeth cleaned/ checked sometime...

    Good luck with the cross-stitch; my friend does a lot of that and she has made some really cool things!

  3. The issue with reading glasses and contact lenses might make me batty but I despise wearing my actual glasses so I do contacts daily. It would be annoying though to do something up close like cross stitch. Sounds like a great new hobby. I think I would like to crochet- in which case I better get used to my granny glasses so I can fit the part. ;)

    My kids are all starting to meet up with friends. Usually still outside at fire pits but it is nerve wracking.

    Cannot wait to schedule our teeth cleaning.

  4. I think if I tried to put earrings in at this point, I would be repiercing them. LOL
    Yeah, it's weird here because we live close to Chicago and Milwaukee. Both are large cities but they had totally different COVID counts, so Wisconsin isn't as rigid as Illinois is. So it is hard to vacillate between the two. Yesterday we went for a drive into Wisconsin and most people weren't wearing masks (it's not required like it is in IL) and I felt uncomfortable.

    It's a long way from being normal unfortunately but it was good to be among the people again. Kind of.