May 13, 2020

Virtual business meetings - just as much of a waste of time as in-person meetings

Back in the "before" time one of the things I despised the most was meetings.  In my opinion, ninety-nine point nine of meetings are a huge waste of time.  So, it stands to reason, that in the "now" I was thrilled to realize that most meetings were being disposed of...

Only to discover, that people are now embracing Zoom, Skype and Team meetings and conference calls - UGH.  Luckily, I've been able to dodge most of them.

Until today.  Yesterday, I received an email from an unknown person that began with "Hi Legal Team!" It was interesting to note that the majority of the people that this particular missive was directed to are not, in fact, part of our "Legal Team."

I immediately forwarded the email to one of the attorneys and paralegals that I actually like and respect, to see if they knew anything about it and to make sure it wasn't some sort of fishing expedition.  My favored attorney responded that this was actually a project being spearheaded by a very non-favored attorney.

It stands to reason that this non-favored attorney didn't give anyone a heads up before this random email...that just the way this person operates.

Eventually, I responded asking for clarification - because obviously these people operate the same way as the non-favored attorney.

The clarification I requested was met with a response for a Team meeting.  Dear God in heaven!  I finally agreed to a conference call - wherein I quickly discovered all of it could have been dealt with in a quick email.  *sigh*

So I wrapped up the call by saying, "Fine.  I understand what you require.  Just send me the questionnaire and I'll return it ASAP."  Only to be told, "Great!  We will be scheduling training in the next week or two - we'll get back to you."


I do NOT need training on how to fill out a questionnaire!  Sure, I'll admit some people might "need" training (eye-balling the non-favored attorney) - but the majority of us can figure out how to fill out a questionnaire, I would think.

Frankly, I think the "consultants" feel that if they don't have "face/meeting" time with the client they aren't earning their hefty fee.  For me, I feel like I will gladly pay your hefty fee if you leave me alone!  Send me your request, I'll respond and we are done.  Is that too much to ask?  Apparently so.

I have a feeling I will be unexpectedly unavailable during said training.


  1. I guess none of them read your blog, huh? Ha! :-)

  2. Reason 1,043 that I no longer work in the business world, not that I did anything really intense but clueless people drive me crazy. Now I just have the occasional nutty parent to contend with. Sorry you got roped into that nonsense.

  3. What a pain in the azz. And I think yes, maybe they SHOULD read your blog.

  4. Ugh!!!! Training to fill out a questionnaire? Yikes! They must think you are all 2nd graders! Or maybe you are right, they are trying to justify their hefty fees. Either way, I'm hoping you are able to find yourself "unavailable" for the training!

  5. UGH. But on the upside, this telehealth thing has proven quite awesome here. Youngest's med check was handled in 13 minutes in my pajamas. :)

  6. Lol, my husband says the same thing re: meetings!