October 21, 2010

Boys are worthless when it comes to picking out a shoe

Occasionally, the thought will cross my mind when I think it might be a good idea to have had a girl-child.  You know, one to help me decide which shoe would be the better shoe to complement whatever outfit I may be wearing.

Because I have to tell you - the guys just don't cut it.

First off - they both have a tendency to roll their eyes and groan whenever I ask, "Which shoe?"  And if one happens to hear me ask the other - well, then that one goes into hiding because he knows that he will be asked next.

What they both fail to realize is that 9 times out of 10, I don't need a second (or third) opinion.  Usually, I'm quite capable of deciding what shoe "makes" the outfit.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I need a little help.  And the way they react, you'd think I was asking them to poke out their eyes with a pointy stick.

Such was the case this morning.  I needed help deciding between the patent loafer or the beautiful pump.

I snagged Man-Child and after telling me that this was a waste of time and I always went opposite of what he said - the pump was his choice (although we all know he just picked one so he could be set free).

After he scurried away, I heard Hubby coming up the stairs.  When he appeared, I asked him.  After complaining that he was late, he chose the patent loafer, of course.

I still wasn't sure.  I was leaning toward the pump though.

Then I remembered.  Today was fire drill day.  Great.  Clomping up and down four flights of stairs.  So the pump was out . . . . but that great pair of ballerina flats hiding in the closet was calling my name.

So it was a la Audrey Hepburn that I skipped off to work - apparently, I didn't need either of their opinions after all.

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on the last post.  My dad is fine - he just has a tendency to hide things from me until after the fact; which never fails to drive me crazy.


  1. Men and fashion tips are a bad idea all around. Unless the man is gay of course.

  2. Oh yeah. I know what you mean. I live in a house o' men too and I find myself still asking their opinions about things they have absolutely no interest in.

  3. You made a wise choice!! I love both shoes! I ask my husband the same types of questions about shoes and tops.....I alway wonder if he is really telling the truth!

  4. Those pumps are smokin' hot but my knee hurts just looking at them, hah.

    I wear running shoes every day. Well, sometimes if I'm just going out to get groceries or out to have coffee with a friend I wear a pair of clogs I have, but 99% of the time, sneakers. I do so much walking with my job and then I go for walks on my lunch, it only makes sense. Plus, bad knee and hip.

  5. Oh I think you made the right choice for the fire drill but have to tell you i LOVE that first pair! LOVE!

  6. With the girls though, your shoes are never safe, so maybe boys are better.

  7. Love the Audrey Hepburn look. I know all about asking boys style opinions, my 2 boys would always pick the opposite of each other.

    You looked adorable!

  8. Funny because my husband always has a ready opinion on shoes. He has almost as many pairs as I do. Almost.

  9. made me laugh because my son rolls his eyes whenever I ask his opinion on my clothes. I think that's the hardest thing...going out without an adult opinion of whether my clothes are okay/suitable for the occasion! ;) xx

  10. OHMYGOD. You and I are HONESTLY living parallel lives!

    I had EXACTLY the same (ahem) situation on...lemme think...one day last week. Couldn't decide between a high heel or a ballet flat! I'm totally serious!

    Connor did not like the pump and I went with the flat. Turns out, I'm not a "real girl" in his mind, so why wear "girlie" shoes?