October 16, 2010

I always knew it..... but now it's official - I'm the "cool" parent

Hubby called me on Friday wanting to have lunch.  He was having tires put on his truck and was told that it would take two hours.  He figured if we had lunch that would at least kill an hour.  Romantic, I know - how could any woman resist an invitation such as that?

At any rate, when I pulled into the parking lot guess what sight I beheld?  My husband waiting for me wearing a "sauna" shirt.  Don't know what that is?  Have a look.

Why yes, it IS a silver, plastic-y kind of material

Yes, seriously.  He was wearing this.  In public.

Thank goodness we were eating in an out of the way deli - where I didn't have to worry about running into anyone I knew.

As you can imagine, I had to ask what the hell he was doing.  He informed me that he had planned on going to the gym and somehow, got sidetracked by getting tires.  Which still doesn't answer the question - WHY was he wearing this?  Apparently, he is of the opinion that it will help him to lose weight faster if he wears it while working out.  I am of the opinion that is a bunch of baloney and that he is a crazy man.

With lunch on the line though I did eat with him in this attire but informed him in no uncertain terms that this would be the last time I would ever be caught dead with him in this get up.  He replied that he is past the age where he cares what people think.  I let him know that he is NOT in fact at that age yet.  No one is ever at that age where this particular "outfit" is concerned.

As I was recounting the event, in detail, to Man-Child - he proceeds to inform me that not only does his father drive him to school wearing this get up - he actually got out of the truck and went into the front office to ask a question while wearing it.

I looked at Man-Child incredulously and said ........

"And you worry that I'm the one that's going to embarrass you?!"

Hands down - I win the cooler parent award.


  1. I'm laughing so hard! I can imagine your son's horror when his father entered school dressed like that!

  2. Did he wear a napkin around his neck when he was eating?

  3. My husband often collects the boys after the gym,
    I have heard them say "Thanks dad... For not getting out of the car" xx

  4. He's pretty funny looking in that. Only a guy would not have any idea how weird he might look in that. Actually, I've seen some pretty amazing outfits on women, too. Have you seen the website with pictures from Walmart? He would fit right in if he wore that with his skivvies.

  5. Oh my gosh, you totally win the cooler parent award. But your hubby wins the I-am-on-this-earth-to-embarrass-my-child award which should be a goal we all strive for. :)

  6. This is so funny!! You ARE the cool one for sure!!

  7. Oh, YES you are! Honey, I do believe that "outfit" has to mysteriously disappear.


    I hope you had hubby sit with his back to the rest of the patrons. And even if he thinks that HE'S past the age of caring, what about the rest of his family???

  8. I can't believe he wore that out in public, while going to lunch. That's kind of awesome in it's own way.

  9. OMG! That is hilarious! You are sooooooooooooooo the cooler parent! LOL

  10. I ca not even tell you how much this made me laugh...I visual it so well. Of course you're the cool parent!