October 29, 2010

Want to see me freak out???

Then you should have been here last night, as I was contemplating going to bed and just checking Twitter before doing so.

When I saw a tweet from Kathryn.

@gigirambles Sweetie! It's not spam...it's Google Chrome. WTF??

along with this picture

I almost immediately began to hyperventilate.  What was going on?  How could this be happening?  HOW IS GIGI'S RAMBLINGS HOSTING MALWARE??????

This was completely unacceptable!  Impossible.

Of course, I jumped online and, with the help of Kathryn, began researching what could have happened and how to fix it ASAP!

Did you know that Blogger/Google has "Webmaster tools?"  I didn't.  I'm still not sure how they work or what all they do.....all I know is that I was inundated with information that was next to impossible to decipher - especially since my cold medicine had begun to kick in about an hour into it (yes, the cold is still hanging on somehow....).

I finally had to admit defeat and head to bed - praying the whole time that I would wake up and all would be well - that it had been some kind of horrible nightmare.

It wasn't.  I woke up and spent far more than my usual, alloted thirty minutes of computer and coffee time before work trying to fix it.  In a last ditch effort, I dumped my beloved template.  I had remembered reading something last night that mentioned the site that hosts my template.  And miracle of miracles - that fixed it.

Apparently, the site that hosts the template was hacked.  Who would have thought?

So that, my friends, is the long winded explanation of why things look a bit different - and will probably continue to evolve as I try to find something else to my liking.  If you happen to notice something is missing please let me know as the switch was just a quick one - so I don't know if I caught everything I needed to catch before switching.

A very special thank you to Kathryn for alerting me to the problem and going to such lengths to help me try and fix it.  This is why I love blog-land!

And once again, I have to question why people feel such a need to do bad things - like stealing credit card numbers and hacking into websites.  If you are going to put that much effort into something - do something legal and worthwhile; because seriously?  There IS a special place in hell for people who put others through so much torture.  Especially when all they want to do is go to bed - or get up and enjoy their coffee.


  1. I am terrified to change anything on my blog as the auntie is afeared of the technology. Hope this is all sorted now

  2. Scary stuff, agree though people should put their technical knowledge to good use and go get jobs in the computer department of large corporations, I am sure if they are that clever, they will get snapped up and offered a good salary!

  3. No wonder you freaked out - I like your new look though. Karma will get the little buggers who do this kind of thing!

  4. I like the new look, but that is really crazy! I had no idea that someone could hack into a template and cause bad thing to happen. But what do I know? Glad you got it fixed. You are using the same template as me now.

  5. I'm sorry you had to go through this. I had no idea. I'm glad you got it all fixed.

  6. Oh, that would have freaked me out too!! Big time...and actually, I like the new look, maybe you should keep it. xx

  7. I'm with you!
    I just changed my background - but I"m likely to do that often anyway.
    Best of luck in finding another template that's exactly you - I like this though!

  8. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. I am so SICK of hackers and malware. And well said- spend your time doing something worthwhile- and maybe there's hope for the USA yet...

  9. I'm go glad you were able to fix it, sweetie! 'Cause those tutorials may just as well have been written in Japanese for all I knew. It said to "clean" your site...but for the life of me, I couldn't understand HOW.

    I'm glad you picked up on that template idea....and glad that did the trick.

    Hey, we twins have to stick together.

  10. Eeek!

    I paid someone to do my blog so I hope nothing ever messes up.

  11. That's terrible!! Glad you got it fixed!!

  12. That's so annoying! Technology is great, but when it goes wrong because of horrible people....UGH!!!!!!!!!!!
    Glad you got it all worked out. :-)

  13. Technology is scary enough without the evil people making it a living hell! Glad you were able to put it back together.

  14. That is the stuff of a bloggers nightmare! Glad you got it mostly figured out!

  15. What a nightmare.....so pleased you worked out how to fix it. X

  16. oh i'm sorry to hear that it's happened to your site. good thing that fixed it. actually i've seen a couple sites on blogger that's having the same problem. hopefully it doesn't happen to you again

  17. Ya, that would have kept me up at night!
    I got an anonymous message on one of my older posts just last week, and said something to the effect of, "Came, got what I needed, thank you, Henry." I'm still expecting my computer to implode. That's creepy. That's why I have put the thingy back on where you have to type in the letter to show you aren't spam.

  18. Okay, so what site did your template come from? Mine is Pyzam. I don't want that happening to me!!!!

    I hate colds. I hope you get better soon!