December 15, 2010

I'm SOOOOOO embarrassed...

You know that "wonderful" kid that I talk about all the time?

The one that your children can only aspire to be?

Yeah, THAT one.  Man-Child.

He has TOTALLY disgraced the family.


He has detention on Saturday.


His infraction?

Chewing gum.

I do NOT know where I went wrong with this kid, y'all.  Seriously.

Was I not strict enough?  Too strict??

I need advice - it is apparent that this kid is headed straight to the Big House and it's all my fault!


  1. Sometimes that zero-tolerence policy goes a bit to far. Tell the man-child he is now getting coal in his stocking for being such a menace to society.

  2. Gigi - I don't know what to say one day chewing gum the next day mugging old ladies it's a slippery slope

  3. Well, now he's got a record, no telling what he'll do next. :-)

  4. OH MY HELL, no he didn't!!! I mean, chew gum...WHAT kind of kid chews gum??? Obviously one who is a danger to the entire school with his gum chewing ways! I say, fill his stocking with LOTS of gum and dare him to chew it at school!!!

  5. Oh dear me! Chewing gum? Tut...Really?...and ONLY 3 hours? I just don't know where you went wrong...LOL

  6. I spent quite a bit of time in the big D due to my incessant skipping and tardiness- and I turned out just fine :)

  7. What is this world coming too!!!

  8. 3 hours for chewing gum, that is kind of harsh :)

  9. These crazy kids and their crazy gum chewing. Next thing you know he'll be robbing liquor stores and stealing cars.

  10. HEHE, gum............its the gateway you sweeter and sweeter thing you know, he will be mainlining pixie sticks.........

  11. Oh....dear.....really don't know what to say. Really sorry. I hope you can get this in check now before it gets any worse! XX ;0)

  12. Chewing gum?...I think you need to be shaking a few people around...three hours of detention for chewing gum...I'm sorry, I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that. Can I say: that's ridiculous? Is that ok to say?

  13. Dang, that stinks.

    But 3 hrs for chewing gum seems a bit extreme.

  14. Way to go! I was getting worried that he was too perfect!

  15. Woah. I....I don't think I can even look at him right now.

    3 hours on a Saturday? For chewing gum? Didn't we teach him to swallow it??

  16. Just be glad it wasn't much worse than that. After all, he could have be one of those people who wear blue all the time and cheer for (shudders at the thought) UNC.

    I know, I know, hated to even mention that; but, being the bright kid you've told us about, I'm sure he has his head on straight and is headed for Raleigh and the Red and White. :D


    Alum of that school whose colors are red and white that has beaten those boys in blue 5 consecutive years in football. :D


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