December 26, 2010

Stream of Consciousness.....

Somebody please remind me if I ever build, or buy, another house to make sure that there is at least one room on the ground floor that has a door.  Besides the bathroom, that is.

This house has an open floor plan downstairs.  And most of the time that is great.

But after you've been trapped in the house for two days - it's not so great.

After two days - you really don't want to look at, or talk to, the people you live with anymore.  No matter how much you might love them.

Christmas dawned with the onset of snow.  YAY!  Snow on Christmas day is a magical thing.

Until late afternoon.  And you have no plans to visit with your friends as you usually do.  Then it's not so great.

Then?  Then, the snow keeps falling.

And the next day?  Why, it's still falling.  Now you are beginning to hate snow.  Very much.  Yeah, that whole enchantment thing you had going with winter when you first moved here about 13 years ago?  It is soooo gone!  Now?  Now, you are ready to move back to Texas - be damned the heat and humidity.  At least there is air conditioning and NO SNOW (for the most part) in Texas.

You realize in the deep recesses of your brain that your fellow bloggers who live in places like Minnesota, Utah, New York and Canada would laugh at the snow you are currently cursing.  But they don't realize that we don't deal with snow well.  We live in the "South."  That means that the 4 to 6 inches that we received means we are "snowed in."  With the very same folks that you love so very much - but really can't stand the sight of any more.

Finally, you are able to get out for an hour or so - because the good folks at the Department of Transportation were on the ball (this time).  They were ready for this "storm."  You run out the door with glee.

But then you come home.  And guess what?

The Giants game has just started.  And guess what else?

They aren't doing well.  And the two fans - that you love so very much - are having total meltdowns.

And then?  That open floorplan that sounded like such a great idea?  Is no longer such a great idea.


  1. Hey!! I've got an idea why don't you make a snow angel like Blase did today and post it tomorrow!! Come on I dare you!!!:)

  2. Ha! Yes, open floor plans and wood floors are not as great as they were made out to be once upon a time.

    Is it bad I wish we could have a couple snow flurries that would stick to the ground over here?

  3. I agree with whatever Gayle said...

  4. Well, for what it's worth, even 4 - 6 inches here would keep most off the roads until it was cleared. :)

  5. It's called "cabin Fever" I know I've had it several times cause I'm from Alaska ... ;) I know what you mean about snow - here in the Pac NW NO ONE knows how to drive in it or take it off the roadways ... Ah - give me Southern Oregon or Southern Idaho - ANYDAY! Merry Christmas my little bloggy friend ...

  6. OMG Gigi! I so hear you on this one! I have an open floor plan as well, and I HATE IT! It feels like I can never escape the noise!

  7. Did anyone try tearing someone else's throat out?

  8. Oh my! Snow in the south, the northeast, everywhere but here in the Pacific Northwest! We are below average snowfall here. Stay inside, warm and safe!!

  9. I advise getting a large box and putting a skull and crossbones on it. You could sit in it for hours.

  10. I could do with a snow flurry or two. Last year we had a snowstorm (that lasted one hour) and we had two-inch snowdrifts and everyone was ready to call in the snowplows.

    Come back on down here to Texas -- I think we need ya'.

  11. You crack me up!
    Our TV is in a nearly separate room. There's no door, but it feels separate. I'm grateful during the whole NBA season.

  12. Oh no......poor you! I hope the snow has stopped now so you can escape for a bit longer. X

  13. One year I had Sally at a friend's house and she was SCREAMING in the middle of the night. I wanted desperately to take her for a ride in the van to settle her down but of course there was like 2 feet of snow on the ground. I HATE THAT SHIT!!!!

  14. Jeez, me too I am so over snow xx