December 28, 2010

Sometimes you actually do win - so you share the results

A long, long time ago (at the beginning of December) I entered a give-away.  I know! Me?  I never enter give-aways.  Usually.

But my dear friend, Nova, at Cherished By Me was giving away a SmileBox Premium Package for a year.  Have you ever played around with Smilebox?  Even the free version is addictive.

I'm not a photographer.  At all.  This fact has been documented far and wide.  But I see all the pictures around the blog-o-sphere and it makes me want to take better pictures.

When Nova hosted this give-away, I remembered how much I enjoyed playing around with the free version.  So, I thought - why not?  I entered.  And then promptly forgot all about it.  Because I never win anything.  Ever.

Then I saw a random tweet from Nova.  Asking if I'd seen the winners.  I hadn't.  So clicked over and discovered.....OMG! I'd won!  I was SOOOOO excited.

Then I received the email with the special code.  And I kind of ignored it.  Not on purpose, mind.  I received it on my Blackberry, while on the run.  I saved it to look at later when I was on the computer.  Then kind of forgot about it.  Because Christmas and all it's craziness ensued.

Today, I found it again.  And downloaded it.  Then proceeded to spend at least two and a half hours playing with it.

And without further ado . . . the result.

Click to play this Smilebox greeting
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Greeting card made with Smilebox

Thank you once again, Nova.  I love it!  I will definitely be picking up my camera more often - just so I can play with Smilebox.


  1. Looks great Gigi!! And congrats on winning!

  2. OMG that was so great. I loved it. And the song almost made me tear up!!! I love the snow photo of the big tree. That was so cool!!!

  3. Very well done!

    Didn't see the 'football' piccies though, just some folks dressed in body armour trying to play a rugy-like game.

  4. I loved the pictures!! What wonderful memories.

  5. You did a great job!! Congrats!! I love your year in review!!

  6. Great review of 2010. :) Happy NEW year!

  7. Oh, honey! This was absolutely FABULOUS! What a beautiful family you have...and I can now say with confidence that your avatar on Twitter (and here as well) does NOT do you justice. You're gorgeous! And you all look so freakin' happy!

    Merry, Happy...Everything! xo

  8. So great, I love Smilebox! But are you feeling like you 16 yr. old is betraying you by getting so close to adulthood. Mine are doing the's killing me!

  9. Congratulations! I love your year in review. It looks perfect. My favorite picture is the one of your husband in black and white. That is a stellar picture : )

  10. I LOOOOVED this! I see you're showing your face more on your blog this year. Good for you, Miss Cutie!


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