December 24, 2010

Wishing You A Merry Christmas - in my usual long, rambling fashion

My Christmas Wish List is long and varied (world peace, a robust economy, hitting the lottery, that people will learn to use their traffic signals, etc.....) and I expect that Santa probably won't be able to pull it off this year for me; especially so late in the game.  I mean we are at the eleventh hour and here I am, just now writing my list.

As most of you already know, I've been on vacation since the 15th and will continue to be on vacation until the 3rd.

I'm going nuts over here.

Usually, when I'm on my Christmas vacation some of my time is filled with preparing for a party that we usually give.  We elected not to have it this year - so that left a huge pocket of time.  I wisely used that time to buy and wrap presents.  So I've been done for about a week now.

I do find it curious that we've not been invited to any holiday gatherings this year.  I have talked to a few people, who repeatedly tell me they want to get together.  I have responded with "Sounds good! Let's."  Only to hear nothing from them.  Apparently, we are expected to do all the entertaining.  Hmmph!

Once Christmas is over I also usually have various projects around the house that I plan on completing.

So far, this year, I don't have any.  Well, I take that back; I have a few in mind but either they cost lots of money or I just don't have the desire to do them.  

So basically, I've been wandering around aimlessly lately.  Quite bored.  Which makes me think that retirement might be pure hell for me - if I ever get to it.  

One would think being home with the two guys I would at least get some blog fodder from some of their antics.  They are falling down on the job because they've given me nothing.

Well, they probably would have - but it seems that we've all been going in our own directions this past week.  Now that Man-Child isn't held captive as a passenger in my car (where all the best conversations take place) it seems that I am spending quite a bit of time alone.

Normally, a hermit would relish this - but even a hermit can only take so much alone time.

At any rate, on to the purpose of this post.....

“The light of the Christmas star to you, The warmth of home and hearth to you, The cheer and good will of friends to you, The hope of a childlike heart to you, The joy of a thousand angels to you, The love of the Son and God’s peace to you.”  -- an Irish Blessing

May your eggnog have just the right amount of rum, may your turkey be moist and your gravy lump-free!

Much joy, peace and love for each of you and your families this Christmas.


  1. Much love and luck to you and yours xxxx

  2. And the same back to you! The difference between what's going on now (being bored) and retirement is that you have plenty of time to figure out what you WANT to be doing now that you're not working. It's a different animal, and I know you won't be bored...

  3. Merry Christmas Gigi to you and your family and I hope next year brings all that you wish for. I have just stopped now.. talk about being ready at the last minute! It's been great reading your blog this year and getting to know you. xxx

  4. I hope you had a lovely day.X

    I know the feeling that people expect you to do the entertaining all the time well. Not very fair is it.xx


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