December 3, 2010

Life of Pi

by Yann Martel
This is another book that I probably would not have read had it not been suggested to me by friends.
Although, it got off to a slow start, in my opinion, I did end up thoroughly enjoying this story.
The book is about a boy named Pi who is the son of a zookeeper and has an exceptional love for God in all forms.  He practices Hindu, Christianity and Islam; much to the outrage of the leaders of each faith.
But the meat of the story begins when Pi and his family, along with some zoo animals, emigrate to North America aboard a cargo ship.
Unfortunately, the boat sinks and the only survivors are Pi, a hyena, an orangutan, a zebra and a Bengal tiger.
As you might imagine, soon there is only Pi and the tiger left in the lifeboat.  Pi must then rely on his knowledge and wits to stay alive until he is rescued – 227 days after the ship sank.
I have to admit, I kept thinking about this book – particularly the ending – long after I read it.  Which is quite unusual for me – usually I finish one, toss it aside and begin on the next.
So if you want a book that will make you appreciate that fiction sometimes makes a better story than the reality - this is the book for you.


  1. Wow. I never would have figured you for a "boy gets stuck on boat with tiger" kinda gal.

    Just goes to show...

    So, what did you learn?? You know how behind I am on reading, so there's no spoiler alert for me.

    Do tell.

  2. I had to stop reading after the first two paragraphs as this one is in my winter-pile-of-books!


  3. This is a very good book - I've read it and enjoyed it. I'm currently working through old books so that I can be ready to read new stuff at Christmas.
    Have just finished Cuban Heels Emily Barr which is a very good take on a Single White Female kinda thing

  4. Books that stay with you long after you have read them are the best kind! Thanks for the review;)

  5. It does sounds interesting! Think I will put it on my list!

  6. Sounds interesting. I recognize the title from a high school reading list. I may add it to my list of must reads.

  7. It does sound interesting. Maybe I will read it to kaish. He loves zoos.

  8. My sister Oakley gave me this book a few years ago. As she and I have what would be considered a bad relationship (well not really bad bad, but yeah, sorta bad), I promptly tossed it in the "donate pile". Now that a complete stranger is recommending it, I am very much regretting that decision. Damn.