March 15, 2011

No Complaints.....

At this very second, my house is in near pristine condition.  This makes me happy.

The fact that I had next to nothing to do with it - makes me even happier.  And the fact I had nothing to do with it is why it's in near pristine condition and not totally pristine - but I'm not going to get picky here.  It's clean and I didn't have to do it.

Hubby did it all.  From top to bottom.

All in preparation to have our house photographed.  I don't quite understand the whole thing but a friend of Hubby's is trying to get his business off the ground and Hubby is being a friend and doing what he can to help him.

That's great that he's so willing to help his fellow man.  It's even better that he totally made his wife's day/week.

The downside?  When Hubby is involved in the cleaning part - he's great at it - no complaints.  (Even if he doesn't see the dusty baseboards)  But when Hubby is involved with the putting away part.....he tends to "hide" things rather than actually put them away.  If I don't ask where he put something IMMEDIATELY after he "puts it away" he tends to forget what he did with it.  Which would mean that those school pictures and all that other stuff - would be lost to me forever (or until I stumbled on them a year later).

He tends to not put things back in their proper place.  I mean really?  That plant belongs on the other side of the chair - not hidden half behind it.  And the chair is not at the proper angle.  (Why yes, I am a little funny about things being where the belong.  To tell the truth that makes living in a house with other people a little difficult at times.)

And then there is this.

Rather than figure out why the doors won't stay closed (which has only been a problem since we moved here).  This was his solution.

Yeah, fixing those doors is going on the To-Do list for this weekend.

But you know what?  Despite him not doing it the way I would have done it; or putting things where they belong; it's done.  And I'm not complaining one little bit!


  1. Ha! I'm loving the man with the tassle! That was my immediate thought...followed by, "Wait. How the hell will she open them there doors?"
    I suppose it's the price we pay for giving up some control.
    But, really?? Tassles on the door handles? Really?

  2. Having it all clean at once is worth having to search for a few things. The tassle will be a unique touch in the photos to be taken.

  3. Gigi, be happy. Instead of that little dangly thing he used to keep the door closed, he could have used gun tape. My husband is all about the gun tape!

  4. I'm always amazed by the fact that we've lived in the same house, for 34 years and hubby still doesn't know where anything is, or where it goes.

    What I wouldn't give for a clean house!

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  6. I am married to an organized guy, and he puts things away in exactly the same place, always. I am the messy one, and he doesn't put my stuff away or I would NEVER find it! Congratulations on having a nice clean house, even if you have to do it all over again! :-)

  7. ha ha...the tassel thing made me laugh! But how good that he cleaned from top to bottom. I love it when that happens... it does sometimes. But nightmare that I am, I have to go around and check afterwards... sneakily of course! xxx

  8. I wish my husband would clean, or put things away, or throw away the empty tissue box. *sigh*

  9. Woohoo! He cleaned! That's awesome. :) Though, when my husband cleans, I have the same problem in that he puts stuff "away" and then I go looking for things and if too much time has passed, he might forget where he put it... I've lost a few things that way..

  10. Awesome.
    My husband stacks things in piles. Like, if it's in a pile, it can all stay here, on the floor :)

  11. Your hubby is an angel even considering the inventive use of the tassle...

  12. I love when my house is all clean and tidy!!What a sweetie your husband was......I know I'm so late but just getting around to reading this.