March 17, 2011

In my book, I'd call that a win.....or another "first"

As the mother of a 16 year old, I can confidently say that we have seen many "firsts."

The first smile (and no, it wasn't gas!).  The first bite of "real" food.  The first tooth.  The first step.  The first haircut.  The first girlfriend.

You know, all the biggies.

Today?  Today we experienced another "first."

But let me start from the beginning....

I was merrily on my way to work.  Taking the long way - because, really, I wasn't in a rush to get there.

As I was approaching my turn, the phone rings.  I glance at the phone - because, seriously, who could be calling me at 7:45 am?!

It was Man-Child.  I figured there must have been an accident on his usual drive to school and he was calling to find an alternate route; as this has been an issue in the past.  Despite being driven around these roads for most of his life he hasn't figured out the connections yet.  But that's okay.  After 13 (or is it 15?) years, I haven't either.  Which may explain why I wander around in circles quite often - which is, quite possibly, a post for another day.

"Hey sweetie!  What's up?" I chirped.  His response stopped my heart.

"Mom?  I hit some guy's car."

I immediately found a place to pull over because I really needed to concentrate.

I asked him if he was okay.  He was.  Obviously.  Otherwise he wouldn't have been the one calling me.  My mind immediately flew to the fact that he travels the interstate to school EVERY SINGLE DAY!  OMG!  Was he calling me from there?  Or the major road?  WHERE IN THE HELL WAS HE?

As I am busily picturing twisted metal, rising smoke and anguish all around; he informs me that he is at "the" diner (a place he frequents so often that the waitresses set the table and bring his glass of tea when they see him pull into the lot before he even walks in the door) and has hit a car in the parking lot.

Although this information soothes my mind and heart just a bit - I was still concerned.  So, of course, I immediately turned the car around and headed toward him.  My boy; my heart.  Because, despite all the information I had - it wasn't enough.  I HAD to see him.  To make sure he was okay - not just bodily - but in spirit.

It goes without saying that, of course, I hit every red light imaginable and was behind the most dawdle-y drivers EVER.

And, of course, I called his father (whom I cursed long and loud when he didn't answer the phone on my first two tries), to come join us at the scene of the accident.

Man-Child informed me later that he was concerned that *I* was going to have an accident the way I whipped into that parking lot.  What can I say?  At that point, I was physically ill and needed to get to him.

Luckily, he hit the biggest, sturdiest truck in the lot.  Unfortunately (maybe), it was a company vehicle.

It's good that he hit this particular truck in that there was very minimal damage to the truck (virtually invisible) since it was so big and sturdy and bad because, since it's a company vehicle, a police report had to be prepared.

Luckily, I arrived before the police.  You all would be so proud.  I remained calm throughout everything.  When the police arrived, I thought for sure Man-Child was going to faint.  I've never really witnessed color draining from one's face until today.  You know why "they" say that all the time?  Because it's true.  The color literally drained from his face - from the top down.

Fortunately, both the man he hit and the officer were both very kind and understanding.

The sun had blinded him *just so* as he was trying to park the car; apparently the real problem began after he "kissed" the bumper and proceeded to back up - which is exactly what I would have done.  The nice man, the police officer, and I (and eventually, his father) all informed him that it could happen to anyone - that's why they call them "accidents."  I can totally attest to that as there were several points this morning on my drive in and my drive back to him where I couldn't see (damn time change!).

We are hoping that the company will let us pay for the (minimal) damage and not go through insurance.  Our insurance bill has doubled since adding Man-Child as a driver and (in the words of the nice policeman) the insurance company would "eat us alive" if this was on the books.

Unfortunately, the damage to Man-Child's car wasn't as minimal....

You can't really see how ripped it is here-this just gives you an idea

But.....the car is drivable.  And everyone is okay.

In my book - I call that a "win."

As an aside, I am so proud of this boy of mine.  The nice man made a point of telling us several times what a nice, polite young man we had.  He informed us that he felt so very sorry for Man-Child when he walked into the diner and told him that he'd hit his truck.  The nice man told us that Man-Child was so sad and upset.  And that he was impressed with the way Man-Child "manned" up to the experience when he could have so easily backed up and parked somewhere else without him (the nice man) ever knowing that he'd been hit.  It's moments like that when you think that maybe, just maybe, you are doing something right.


  1. Awe! What a sweet moment for the photo album. :)

    Honestly, I'd be proud of him too but gosh darn it sometimes it'd be nice if they'd lie just a little, right?

  2. Kudos to Man-Child for owning up! That speaks volumes about his character. Thank goodness it wasn't something worse.

  3. I have a man-child too and my heart was racing throughout this post! So glad everything is OK and you have every right to be proud of your son!

  4. Glad to hear everyone is ok.

  5. Of course Man Child manned up and was polite and all, he's your son and you did a good job. Hope it's not too horrifically expensive

  6. I also hope they can avoid the insurance companies, and I too remember when I ran into the back of a car when I was sixteen and had just gotten my license. It was not only mortifying but also very expensive! Two little dents on our car, nothing on the bumper of the other one!

    He is doing all the right things, Gigi, and it must be his upbringing. You have every right to be proud!

  7. When my first son had an accident (a little old man ran a red light)- I felt just like you did - shakey, proud and was right there! So glad it was just a kissed bumper! So glad he didn't lie and stood strong on that belt of truth!!!

    BTW - I read in your blog info that you are waiting for your sanity to return (due to teen). You have that all backwards. You STILL have your sanity; it's the teen world that lacks sanity. So you are in essence sanity living in an insane environment. However, it looks like your teen is entering the same sane world as you, even if it is just one toe at at time!

    So loved stopping by.

  8. With three kids I got several of those kinds of calls, each one as scary as the first. I can really identify with your crazy drive to get to the scene.
    I'm glad it was no worse and hope that you can avoid getting insurance involved.

  9. Our son is 15...just a taste of what we've got to look forward to...that was a nice bit you added at the bottom of the page noting that he 'manned up' to the situation and didn't take off (so many would have). It says a lot about his character.

  10. I'd call that a win too and thankfully it was something minor.

    Sometimes the sun really does blind you and it makes it hard to see. I've had some narrow misses because of that too.

  11. Thank goodness for that! I think young drivers sometimes need a little "win" just to realise they're not invincible behind the wheel of their car...

  12. ive had to call both my mom and hubs *multiple times each* to tell them the saaame thing. i wish i wasnt such a terrible driver. its never been a real car i guess, just been objects. over and over again. haha. i just found your blog today

    come and visit me at :)

  13. Phew, I am so glad everyone was okay!

  14. Oh wow you must be so proud of your son!! So glad he was alright!!

  15. oh my gosh I don't envy you but it sounds like you have done a wonderful job raising him. When his principles were really put to the test, he passed with flying colors!!!

  16. good job to him for fessing up.
    Most people wouldnt have.
    I understand about the whole doubling of insurance. I just about died when I got my first bill after adding my son.....

  17. Oh no sorry to hear that. Glad everyone is okay though. Yes so many others would have walked away, h didn't you must be so proud. X