March 21, 2011

I'm getting more wrinkle-y by the minute - I need your help!

Y'all remember these?

And how I was all kinds of proud of myself?

What I did not take into account while creating these beauties is the fact that I live in a what amounts to a wind tunnel.

For whatever reason, there is always a breeze on the back porch - even when the wind is still everywhere else.  Not that that is a bad thing, mind you.


But it does become a bit of a problem when it's a breezy day anyway.

And you have pulled the curtains across to block the sun, so you can read blogs without having to squint.  Because squinting causes wrinkles ya know.

And then your curtains do this....

So, because I am brilliant, I decide that this will work.....

Why yes, those are rocking chairs holding back the curtains.

It worked.  For about a minute.  And then, the curtains were doing this again.

Which, I might add, is NOT helping me to keep from squinting at the screen (WRINKLES, people!).

So, I need your advice.  Any ideas?


  1. I am filled with smiles, thinking of you squinting against the sun. How about some weights added to the bottom of the curtains? Don't they make them for just such things? (But what do I know? I hardly ever sew!)

  2. Are you on the coast or the mid west? I was wondering about that idea. They look lovely when it's calm ... maybe tie them BACK when you aren't out there using them and enjoying your deck?

  3. DJan is right they use to have weights you could sew in things. You would probably have to sew in several to get them to stay down. Check with a craft store that sells fabric they might have some ideas.

  4. Can you attach velcro to the center post and stick the curtains to it?

  5. I with DJan. Maybe see if you can get some wee weights to put on the bottoms of them to keep them still?

  6. I would have suggested weights, too, until I second thought it and decided it might make them dangerous if they flew up and conked you on the face. I'm going with Foursons and saying velcro.

  7. I haven't got it all worked out yet, but it involves a large dog, duct tape, and a pork chop.

  8. I think you should start selling rocking chairs as curtain control devices.

    Maybe heavy-duty velcro at the bottom, attached to the window frame???

  9. Well I was going to give you my expert opinion but I think everyone else has done that - maybe you should get blinds (or paint the windows that gangster black colour - where you can see out but nobody in!)


  10. velcro sounds like a good idea.

  11. Is there anyway that you can connect a hook into that middle pole and hook the tiebacks on to it, and do the same on the other side? It will give it a little more stablity.

  12. Fishing weights? They'd be easy to put on. Otherwise, maybe get some grommets, put them in the bottom, then tie down to either the porch itself, or maybe some bricks. The problem is, they'll eventually rip, I would imagine... Hmmm.

  13. Have you considered adding a roll of pennies to the bottom hem? :-) Weigh those li'l suckers down!!


  14. can you put weights on the bottom? I've seen them before. We live at the top of a hill so I feel your pain...the wind whips through the house if the doors are open destroying everything in it's way. Good luck. x