March 24, 2011

The One Where I Throw a Hissy-Fit For You All To See.....

I've had it with these people that live with me.  I'm done.

Not one person in this house listens to anything I say.  Period.  If I had any pets they'd probably ignore me too.....

I have been asking Man-Child for OVER A MONTH (on a daily basis, no less) to schedule his Junior Interview.  It still hasn't been done.  Today, being an exceptionally quiet day at the office, I cruised over to the school's website and noticed that they've announced (for what is most likely the 100th time) a webcast for juniors this evening on The Complete Application - now I'm not quite sure what that is, but I believe it has something to with easing the process of completing applications for college - you know, so you don't have to write out every single one.  This is important.  So I sent him a text asking him to watch this webcast and reminding him AGAIN to schedule his $%@#**@ Junior Interview.

(I left out the $$%@#**@ part - but I was thinking it).

The webcast was scheduled to start at 5:00 pm.  More than enough time for all the kids to get home from school, have a snack, register and set up to watch.  Or so you'd think.

At 4:55 pm, he calls me to ask me how to get to the site - how the hell should I know - wasn't that explained in the announcement this morning?  Lucky for him, I printed it off because I knew he'd be calling - because I knew he couldn't be bothered to have written it down.  I explained to him that he had to register and where to go to do so.  From there he should have received instructions.  "Good!" I thought, he's finally doing something that will ensure his future success.

Until I got home.  And he wasn't on the webcast - because he got frustrated at trying to register.  I took a deep breath and changed the subject.  I asked if he'd scheduled his interview.  The lame excuse I got was that he'd  a bad day and never saw anyone in the office (oh please - there is always someone there - does he think I'm an idiot?).

Needless to say, I lost it.

I am so very tired of being the only person in this house who seems to have any concern about preparing for college.  Or for preparing for a job interview.....

To backtrack.  Last week Hubby got a call for an interview for today (keep your fingers crossed please).  I told him then he needed to go buy a suit or something.  The position he'd been in for the past 10 years did not require a suit.  So he only had one.  One that no longer fit quite so well and had mysteriously sprouted a hole. (????)

Actually, I've been telling him for the past six months that he needs a suit.  I understand he doesn't want to spend the money right now - but seriously?

So he finally bought a blue blazer, with the thought that the types of jobs he's been applying for a suit might look "overdone."  Fine, I get that.  But buddy?  You need some pants to go with that blazer.  And NO, those black pants don't work.

Now let me interject here that I would have bought him something.  I would have found the time, somehow, and taken this task off his plate.  But about two years ago he decided that he is a "big boy" and has his own tastes (which I personally do not like; which is a nice way of saying he has no taste, in my opinion.  Plus there's the fact he is pretty much color blind) and has decreed that he will buy his own clothes from now on.  And that is why I did not get involved in this project.  But I DID explain to him what he needs to buy.

I told him again last week to go get a suit or something.  He never did.  Then he finally came home with another blazer - this one black with some kind of stripes.  It still doesn't match the damn black pants.  So when I finally saw what he planned on wearing (last night!) I put the kibosh on it.

So about 9:00 pm last night, while he was blissfully snoozing on the couch (the jerk), I was rummaging through his closet for something suitable.  I finally decided that the blue blazer, a shirt and tie, with khakis would be fine for this particular interview and I set it all out for him because dammit, I AM a good wife.

This morning when I asked him if he saw what I'd set out for him to wear - he told me that he was going to wear the black jacket with the mis-matched pants.  When I explained how he couldn't and what he needed to wear instead - his only response was one of utter confusion.  He couldn't understand how black can't match black. And yeah, with that whole color blind thing going on try explaining shades to him!

When I asked what the problem was with my outfit choice - he informed me that the khakis don't fit. (NOW you tell me?  Seriously? NOW?).  Then went on to explain that the blue blazer wasn't his (then whose was it?? I know it's not mine!) AND that it is missing the buttons (what in the hell is going on his closet anyway? First mysterious holes and now missing buttons? I know I don't have these problems in my closet!).  Even later he informed me that he found his blazer in MC's room - on the floor and behind a door(?) in a total wrinkled mess and not wearable.  I still don't know:

1) who that first blazer belongs too or where the buttons went and
2) why Hubby's blazer was in Man-Child's room - on the floor and behind a door - in the first place.

Well - at this point I kinda lost it (for the first time today - but not the last obviously).  I told him that I had TOLD him to buy something and his only response was that he had.  But seriously?!  How could he have not planned this out in advance?

I finally just walked away.  Because I had to get ready for work and there was simply nothing more that I could do.  So what did he wear?  I don't know.  I do know that damn black jacket wasn't worn - it was expressly forbidden and still hanging in the closet when he left.  But that's all I know.  He did tell me that he felt the interview went well - so, we will see (fingers crossed, prayers being sent up, rosaries being said, good vibes.  All of it!).

I work a full time job.  I do all the household crap around here.  I do the laundry. I remember the birthdays and other occasions.  I buy the cards, the gifts, etc.  I ensure that all paperwork is done and turned in to whatever institution it belongs to one time. I keep up with deadlines and to-do's for each of them and remind them and remind them and remind them - to the point that they consider it nagging. In addition to all that, I do everything else that needs to be done.  I do it all.

And I'm tired of it.

I'm tired of being the only one who cares.  Who thinks of this stuff.  The only one does the stuff.  And when it doesn't get done because of a failure on their part they expect me to wiggle my nose (a la Samantha from Bewitched) and "fix it."

No more.  I'm done.  At this point, they can both {insert very un-ladylike phrase here}.

I think I need a vacation.  By myself.  Somewhere tropical would be nice.....

Sorry to rant - I wasn't going to post this.  But then I thought - what the hell?  I'm sure there is someone else out there, somewhere, who would be happy to realize that they are not alone.

And if that's you?  Well then you need to come on this mythical tropical vacation with me!  We will sit on the beach, drinking fun drinks with umbrellas and not worrying about anyone else but us.....doesn't that sound heavenly? dream......


  1. Oh honey, I think we've all been there, but maybe I haven't been quite to the point of frustration as you. After all, I just have a husband and no man-child. But for some reason, my husband expects me to call all the utility companies, schedule all the appointments and then leave my work to come let the phone repair man in. Sheesh!

  2. Oh Gigi : (
    I am so sorry for all the stress you have been under. That is the WORST! I know you are super stressed.
    I am going to pray for your husband right away. Hopefully whoever interviewed him also is style impaired : ) You sure did try! Laughing my head off about getting registered and stressing out : ) Typical boy!

  3. GIRL! that is what we are here for. You rant as much as you want, sister.

    And, fwiw, man-child only does things that are important.

    I say, tell him, you may have the keys to your car back the very moment that Junior interview is scheduled.

    I can bet he'd be on it faster than a fly on sh**.


  4. Have you ever seen a little umbrella in a margarita? Sounds kinda tropical, huh? I'm gonna make you one and ship it out! Sorry for all your discomfort and displeasure, with the guys, but I'm so glad to hear someone complaining besides me. Now... bottoms up! Let me know when you're ready for another.

  5. My favorite blog posts are always the honest ones...glad you published this one!!! It's REALITY and it's what you are feeling right now. Good luck...keep us posted.

  6. Melissa is right, we have all been there at one point or another. Hang in there and consider going on strike. My SIL did it for 2 months and I about died laughing when her daughter complained that there was no food in the house. What? Sooooo sad.

    The college stuff is super irritating. And since I have one who is a sophomore at a junior college we have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN. Ugh.

  7. Gigi, we could almost be twins. A senior who can't be bothered to apply for scholarships (be warned) and a husband who is "looking for a job" but would have nothing to wear to an interview. A tropical getaway (sans family) would be heavenly.

  8. Ok, Im in on the vacation....but instead of umbrella'd drinks, Im gonna need a bottle and shot glass....I feel you. Im sorry. If your anything like me, you wish to heck that you could just stand back and let the pieces fall where they may, but the control freak in you will NOT allow that to happen.

  9. Can't totally relate, I have asked H so many times to book an appointment with the careers adviser to discuss universities. I haven't the time to do everything and he has the best facilities in the country to get help by someone better qualified...grrr. ;)

    I hope the interview went okay.

    I have tagged you in a meme if you fancy doing it. XX

  10. By the way, let it out!! You have every right to feel a bit cross. It's not fair. XX

  11. I am in the same boat, and girl, we need to vacay together!! What your husband really needs to understand is that he needs to look clean, tidy and polished. Looks count in this world. And MC, a little passive-aggressive, I'm thinking is is afraid of moving on of growing up? Just a thought. meanwhile, my hubby KEEPS driving to Pa. from Me., for his STUPIF job he was supposed to give up and find one here... Oh, that's right, we moved OVER a year ago... grrr. Where's the wine??

  12. Wait for Me!!!!! It was the same for me when my girls were at home and now it countnues with my husband. If I don't lay out his pills he forgets to take them and when I remind him he says I'm nagging. I have been bugging, nagging for a month now to go through some paper work that only he can do and it is still where I left it and it's driving me crazy. For the past 4 weeks he has done nothing on the weekends but sit and watch tv and do some work stuff on his computer. I'm not sure what's going on but IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!

  13. I know you are on top of man-child and his college - maybe he is too young to understand the importance of such a thing. How about 2 or 3 years of community college WHILE he works at the gas station or McD's down the street - I'm sure he'd love that - and as he can't afford to pay rent - while going to school - he'll have to live at home - he'll probably really REALLY enjoy that! LOL!
    As for your hubby - you needed to ask him - DO YOU REALLY WANT THIS JOB you are interviewing for???? I know - it ends with a preposition, BUT SERIOUSLY!!!! Maybe he wants to be unemployed LONGER and is depressed b'c of unemployment??? Prozac? Well - maybe for YOU! LOL!
    Anyway - I'm sorry you're going thru this.
    Man-child is probably ill prepared b'c of his immaturity AND may be sending you the message that he really doesn't want to go to college - maybe a trade school or carpentry or plumber? They have unions - of course then he'd have to apply for THAT too. :(
    I have a step-daughter who's going to EUROPE in her Junior year of h.s. no less AND she hit my hubby up for 1/2 of the fee - $2k - we're like NO WAY - your Mom wants to send you to THAT private school and it costs $4k to go thru Europe with your class - why isn't that part of your tuition .. okay - now you got ME STARTED! Well it's NOT happening. They can use the child support we send them monthly ... well - haven't seen the kid in about 3 weeks anyway - that's what happens when they turn 16 ... :) Makes me happy! LOL! I hope your weekend is relaxing ... find some sand to put your toes in.

  14. You crack me up.

    And yes, I think we are all often watching out for, and doing things for those around us who COMPLETELY underappreciate how much, and what it is that we do. And, to top it all off, yes, we are ignored. And it SUCKS!

    Good luck :)

    Oh - and that twinkle nose thing would totally come in handy, why CAN'T we do that?

  15. Alan suddenly looks around and notices that he's in a room-full of women. At least one of them is irate.

    He says, "I totally are pigs. And they are as lazy as hell!" *Quickly scurries from room*

  16. No need to say sorry for a good rant! I thinkyou have just proved they will always need their Mama's! :)

  17. Well, obviously 16 people before me can relate to this rant...and there'll probably be several more after me!

    If someone hasn't already said it, you need to STOP. By virtue of you handling everything, man-child and hubby KNOW you'll take care of it and it's a lose/lose for you.

    Your own super powers have worked against you, Wonderwoman.

    Now, hand me that cocktail.

  18. let it out.....let it go......and mix that martini!!

  19. I can see why you're at your wit's end over there. You're having to hold it together for yourself and everyone else! You deserve to throw a hissy fit for sure.

  20. Undersatndable frustration.

    Stop nagging and follow that by not caring. Everyone will eventually get used to disapointment. While they are getting used to it...drink wine.

    (Nice to meet you. I laughed at your comment on another blog and thought I would drop in.)

  21. Color coordination is a learned trait...and I'm still learning. I always figured blue shirts go with blue pants and white shirts go with black pants and green shirts go with green pants. My wife has demanded that I remove articles of clothing and replace them with things of a completely different color. Something about contrasting colors....

  22. I've about given up on getting Mo to be proactive about her future. I can't handle the stress!