September 20, 2011

Senior Parent Night (or OH MY HELL! Really?!)

I know, I KNOW.  I've been rather quiet lately.  But I've got a GREAT excuse.....

I've been a tad stressed.

I've been writing posts left and right though....and deleting every one.  I figure just because I'm in a funk that doesn't mean that I have to share the despair; because I'm awesome like that.  You are welcome.

There has been lots going on in Gigi-land; none of it productive though.

Last week (was it only last week?) we had Senior Parent night.  This is where the guidance counselors come in and tell us all about what is expected during the Senior Year.  The deadlines; the "Must Do's;" the cost, etc.

But apparently, they don't tell us everything since there is another "mandatory" meeting in another month or so.  I guess they didn't want to overwhelm us all in one shot.

Too late.

I'm already overwhelmed.  And if I don't get my head around everything before the next meeting, I have a feeling that by then I'll feel like I'm drowning even more so than I already do.

One mom, who has been through this before, noticed the look of pure panic on my face and told me to relax.  That it will all get done.

Ummmm, yeah.  Right.  I did notice that she didn't offer to do any of the stuff....or pay for it for me though.  So we'll see.

Here's the deal, I knew Man-Child's Senior Year would be a big deal; both for us and him.  I KNEW that going in.

What I didn't know was that I would need to take out a second mortgage and a sabbatical from my job in order to get it all done and paid for....only to then turn around and start shelling out cash for college next year.


So currently, you can find me knee-deep in paperwork, with a BIG glass of wine nearby, while trying to figure out how to rob Peter to pay Paul and how to keep my wits about me enough to actually do the job that I am paid to do on a daily basis.

And just for the record; Man-Child is doing fine.  Although he's VERY anxious to get back out on the field; especially since we just lost one of our major players for the rest of the season due to a shoulder injury.  So far this year, we are racking up lots of injuries; it doesn't bode well.  But he has a doctor's appointment on Friday; and hopefully, they will clear him to play next week.  And hopefully, his mother won't have any more scares seeing her "baby" lying on the field in pain.  She's got too much other stuff to deal with right now.


  1. Glad senior year is over at our house, glad man child is doing better.

  2. Don't drink too much wine, you'll never get it all taken care of.

    A Mother's work is never done. (nor her stress)

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong- but didn't I warn you about the expense? Don't take that the wrong way, I just can't let an I-told-you-so moment go by. Call it a flaw in my personality if you must. *grin*

    Hang in there, you will get it all done. Just write down the deadlines on a calendar and pay attention to them. One thing at a time, one day at a time. If you try to look at everything all at once you'll go insane.

    Glad man-child is doing better. I pray he gets out on the field on Friday!

  4. I am also glad to hear that MC is well enough to get back out there and play. I know that is what HE wants, even if Mom would rather he stay inside...

  5. Oh man! That sounds really rough. I have faith that you will get it all done, but I hope it gets less stressful sooner rather than later.

  6. I have no idea what your 'senior year' for kids entails but, somehow (and without knowing exactly why) I sympathised with your plight.

    I solved our children's financial requirements for their further education by fitting them with concrete overshoes and introducing them to the wonders of marine life.

    Ok, ok! I didn't really but I promise you, it was discussed
    now that University charges are more than doubling.

  7. Oh my that sounds like hard work.
    Hope the wine is keeping you happy


  8. I was just lamenting that I have to get salt and flour together into some sort of dough ball for my second grader tomorrow. There is also a spelling test looming ahead. Thank you for simultaneously bringing me to reality and filling me with a sense of dread.

    Can I borrow two cups of flour and a bucket of salt? Thanks.

  9. Ms. A... DON'T drink too much wine? What kind of advice is that? I was about to tell her to stock up.

    Stock up, Gigi, stock up!

  10. I'm glad he is felling better. Wine does make every thing just a little bit better.

  11. I just looked into it, and... if you can provide proof of your son being a senior in high school... you can get half off all Valium prescriptions. No coupon required.

  12. Senior year sounds kind of horrible in the States! Maybe we will stay up here in Canada until the kids go off to University:)

    Hope all goes well at the Docs!

  13. OK, I'm officially dreading next year. Yikes!

  14. Swinging through, by way of Pearl's blog, and wishing you an even bigger glass of wine, one with a bendy straw in it. Oh, my. I don't envy you.

  15. Sorry you are in a funk. I had no idea about the senior year. I recommend you buy some ice cream for consolation.

    I'm glad I have a while to save up!

  16. I like the list idea. Cross one thing off at a time... including buying another bottle of wine. And smiling.

  17. I had the same situation with my kid, and ya know what? It gets done. Then you get to start all over again stressing over college necessities, paperwork, and OH MY GOSH the FEES!!!!