September 6, 2011

These Things Hidden

Remember how I told you all that yesterday I was going to as little as humanly possible (after posting that ridiculously long post)?

Well, I may have lied a little bit.  I did get the car cleaned out (it SERIOUSLY needed it - this was brought to my attention after being shoved into the backseat for a ridiculously long time on Friday night); I finished some laundry and did a little paperwork.....

What?!  A woman's work is never done!

But after all that I did absolutely nothing but read.  I read Heather Gudenkauf's These Hidden Things straight through.  Non-stop.

Seriously.  This book was too good to put down.  The twists, the turns, the plot was wonderful.  And, from what I understand, it was only her second novel.  I'm thinking there will be much more from this writer.

The book starts out with a young woman being released from prison.  Before heading off to prison as a teenager - for a heinous crime - she was "the" golden girl of her town.  The exceptional student.  The five-sport athlete.  This girl had everything going for her.  And lost it all one dark night.

This story follows what happens after her release.  It is told in different narratives.  From Allison's point of view, her sister's and few other key characters.  The sister's are harboring a dark and painful secret.

The last few chapters will grip you and when you close the book, you will want to immediately flip back to page one to start it over again.

I'm thinking this would make one hell of a movie - are you listening Hollywood?  They say all the good ideas have already been used and that's why there are so many remakes.  I'm thinking maybe they need to start reading a bit more.  There are still good ideas out there and it's usually found in a book.


  1. I picked up a big volume the other day and started it last night. I'm afraid I might be MIA for a while... it happens.

  2. And you still find time to read!!! That's amazing.

  3. Never heard of this book, but it does sound like a good read! I'll have to look for it! It is neat to get lost in a good book like this, isn't it?


  4. Oh, I love a good book and that one sounds really good. Thanks for the recommendation. I can't wait to read it!

  5. I don't think I have ever read a book from cover to cover! Glad you enjoyed it though x

  6. Wow...that sounds like a really interesting book. I'm going to put it on my list (of books I'll read when I no longer have a toddler to chase, lol!)

  7. How do you thicken a plot? Corn starch?

    Sounds like a great book!